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  1. Daihatsu Copen Mira TR-XX Honda Civic TypeR Dualnote Fit W Integra TypeR Integra LM Edition NSX-R NSX-R LM Edition NSX-R LM Edition Roadcar NSX JGTC: Arta 2000 NSX JGTC: Mugen Loctite 2001 NSX JGTC: Mobil 1 2001 NSX JGTC: Raybrig 2000 NSX JGTC: Castrol Mugen 2000 S2000 Mazda Atenza 5HB Atenza LM Edition[blue Version] Atenza LM Edition[Orange Version] Roadster RS RX-7 TypeR Bathurst R RX-8 RX-8 LM Edition Mitsubishi CZ3 Tarmac CZ3 Tarmac LM Edition Lancer Evolution VI GSR Rallier Lancer Evolution VII GSR Rallier Nissan Fairlady Z (350Z) Fairlady Z (350Z) LM Edition mm mm.r (LM Edition) Primera 20V Silvia JGTC: C-West R├Ązo Skyline 300GT Skyline GT-R (R32) Skyline GT-R (R33) Skyline GT-R V-Spec II (R34) Skyline GT-R (R34) M-spec Skyline GT-R (R34) JGTC: Calsonic 2000 Skyline GT-R (R34) JGTC: Pacecar 2001 NOTE: This car serves as the 'demonstration car' during licence tests; as you drive along the track, the pace car will lead the way. You're to follow its line and not hit it. Apparently, you can also select this car. Skyline GT-R (R34) JGTC: Pennzoil Nismo GT-R 1999 Skyline GT-R (R34) JGTC: Pennzoil Zexel 2001 Skyline GT-R (R34) JGTC: Xanavi Hiroto 2001 Skyline GT-R (V35) Skyline GT-R (V35) LM Edition Subaru Impreza WRX STi Rallier Impreza WRX STi Prodrive Style Suzuki AltoWORKS SuzukiSPORTS Limited GSX-R/4 Toyota Altezza gita AS300 Celica SS-II (1998) pod RSC RSC Rallier Soarer 430SCV Supra JGTC: au by KDDI/Cerumo 2001 Supra JGTC: Castrol TOM'S 2001 Supra JGTC: Esso Ultron 2001 WiLL VS
  2. The reason there are no American or Euro cars in that game is because the cars are all from the Tokyo Auto Salon. Its just a little GT3 with arcade mode only. Just a little extra to play with while they make the next 2 Gran Turismos.
  3. wow, this got way out of hand. Anyway, she ended up going for DuPont Motorsports prototype cams, brakes, and 19x8.5 front and 19x9.5 rear BBS CH rims. I think the car dynod at about 250-260 afterward. The bodykit comes after she gets the rest built and is used to the handling on the track. If I get any pics I'll be sure to post em. Hope nobody would call that rice...
  4. New Mini Cooper (non supercharged) made it into CAR magazine's Performance Car of The Year. It got a lil smacked around but thats ok since it only has 114hp instead of the 164 for the S. Kinda cute car too, minus that "disk drive" hood scoop. 17s are a nice option as well. The bug on the other hand has never sat well with me so I'd gladly trade for its weight in Jolly Ranchers.
  5. My aunt is in the process of having a supercharger installed on her E46 320ci. The car is already chipped, short shifted, lowered, and has a full exhaust. She is looking at some 18" BBS rims and a bodykit and came to me for advice. Trouble is, I don't know where to look for one. Any ideas? Something that is similar to the M3 GTR Strassenversion would be the top choice I believe. Thanks guys.
  6. This should be interesting, seeing as how most people here probably know jack about both of these (I just got interested after watching a TransAm race) so lets consider this a learning experience...what does everyone think?
  7. voted for WRX since I don't think I could drive the Z06 very well
  8. Im guessing fake. There are only a few real EVOs in the US and all are competition only rally cars. Here's a couple fake ones. Just goes to show you that rice knows no bounds...Fake EVO IV Yet another fake EVO IV REAL EVO V RS (not licensed, brought in on a trailer) A real one, daily driver (if its nice) Thank you MotoREX
  9. it already is dude, I spice things up a lil bit and then everyone runs and hides from the mean man who can't say anything nice...oh wait, now Im talking like everyone hates me again, poor me. boo hoo
  10. CRV, WRX is overrated, CRVs can haul so much more, and don't bring that old "BUT THE WRX HAS A WAGON" argument, I just don't care!
  11. Probably a small private team. And it would probably be in the GTS category, and it would probably get eatin alive. But I'd love to see it if its true.
  12. Im going into the Air Force, and I think I'll get stationed over in Japan for a year or two, so I'll probably get one while Im there (maybe and R34) and then try and bring it back with me. If I don't do that then I'll just get either a 33 or 34 in 4 years when I get out, since I should have about 45-50k saved up...
  13. Dude, the regular tickets to the ALMS event at Portland are pit passes. Last year I got to watch the Audi mechanics run some final tests on their cars, which is where I got those pics of the Audi with the rear removed. I don't have those pics on photopoint anymore but I posted them a couple times when people asked. If anyone reading this is from the NW and can make it to Portland on August 5th, I strongly recommend it, the feeling of the Caddy and Panoz driving by is simply awesome. You notice I didn't say sound. I said FEELING. You literally feel those cars drive by. Then the Audi's and BMWs(last year, sadly they are no longer competing) speed by with those high revvers. You can't describe it with words. I'll try and get some video so I can post it on the web, for all you guys who can't make it. But for those who can, cough up the $30, its worth it.
  14. Including me, but I'll take a Skyline thank you very much. Yes, make it a grey R33 please. Thank you. (hopefully I'll be able to do that in 4 years...)
  15. Don't worry guys, I have a pit pass and a digital camera, I'll bring back some stories (and hopefully some autographs for me...). The parking lot is a really cool part of the race too. BMW, Porsche, Audi, Ferrari, Lambo, Viper...all those clubs are there. The coolest thing I saw (since Ive seen the same F50 multiple times on the track) was a Porsche 959. I couldn't believe I was seeing it. I hope to see the local RS200 and some of the other exotics in the area this year. Ill be sure to bring back plenty (possibly a couple hundred...) of cool pics.
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