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    3000GT TT VS 3000GT SL {T}

    This is alway's being discussed over at 3SI.org all the time. The answer's you seek are there. Trust me. You will not be dissapointed.

    3000GTVR4 track monster

    I'm on 3SI and 3000GT.com. That sound's awsome. I'd come and check it out. I won't be modding my car for a little while though. I have plenty of time to get it to where I want it. I'm in Canada so it would be a nice cruise for me.

    One would think that...

    Can't forget the Dodge Stealth RT/Twin Turbo. Also the base without Twin Turbo's is called just the Stealth R/T. R/T does stand for Road & Track. I have no idea why they would put it on all the vehicle's though. Almost every Dodge is now almost an R/T. Before it was just for the REALLY special model's. Dodge Stealth RT/Twin Turbo is also the top model Stealth so that's why they called it the RT/TT. The Dodge Daytona Iroc R/T was a rare quick mustang killer. So that's why they named it the R/T. The Dodge Viper RT/10 was Dodge's very first Viper so they wanted it to be called the RT/10. Even though the GTS is better, they can't go and change the name now. R/T now just mean's fastest version of the Dodge car. That's all it mean's. I think the Viper was the very first car too be named an R/T and the Stealth was second.

    3000GTVR4 track monster

    We own a local racing team and I have been in racing for 11 year's. I've driven my car stock and was satisfied with the way it handled. The only thing that PISSED me off was the fact that my brake's would overheat after 3 lap's. I need better brake's.

    3000GTVR4 track monster

    It would be a waste to mod up a car so much that it would only go straight. BOOOOOORRRRRING! This will be a road course car. Race me any day and lose on the road course, but the strip would be your area, IF you could get better traction than me wich I doubt. And if you think my car won't be stripped, it will. People have stripped our car's down to 3000 lbs without changing the body. I'm planning on getting a whole new style design made of carbon fibre to match that of a F1, CLK-GTR, and all those 7 digit car's. Everything on the car will be Top-Of-Line. Money is not a problem since this will be done slowly and not rushed, but when it will be finished, expect it to be in every magazine. And this will be street legal.

    3000GTVR4 track monster

    This is possible guy's and I will have it done. It won't be drivin All-Year-Round like usual, but it will be driven on the Street. We own a mod shop and have done alot of research and it is very possible to get 1000 BHP out of the RT/TT's and VR-4's. And to drive them on the street. I know COUNTACH would like that.


    I mean, who would'nt be intimidated by a Impreza 2.5 RS. I'm saying stock VS stock. North America does'nt get any super Impreza's. If you want to bring modding into this, I only consider street legal and a highly modded VR-4 can destroy a highly modded Impreza. We've got guy's running 10's with full interiour and no NOS that actually drive they're car's all year round. Now that's reliable.


    Out of all the car's chosen, I love them all. Now, you see, when Mitsubishi was making the VR-4, they were'nt aiming to design a sport's car, they wanted to cram every bit of high-tech gizmo's that they can possibly put into a car, making it an awsome GT car. What they made instead was an awsome cruiser that could compete with Sport's car's. Name one other car that weigh's 3800 lbs and has 300 BHP and can do 0-60 in 5.0 and the 1/4 in 13.5. You can't. Is the VR-4 really that heavy? It is considered to be, but yet it still is the fastest 0-60 out of the current Japanese car's. Now imagine if it was 200 lbs lighter. It would leave the rest of the Japanese in the dust. As far as look's go, I think my car is the sexiest looking car at night with my sharp light slit effect. Especially since my car is black. The colour a Stealth should be. I've had girl's almost kill when even bringing up the thought of trading it in for a C5. A girl even told me she liked my car way better than a Viper that we had seen on the street. Here's what I think of the competition; 1991-1993 VR-4 look's like a MKIII on roid's. Nice looking car. Difficult to tell the difference between the N/A and the Turbo model. 0-60 in 5.3 and 1/4 in 13.7 1994-1998 VR-4 look's nicer and more smoothed than Gen1 VR-4.Also difficult to tell the difference between the N/A and Turbo model. 0-60 in 4.9 and 1/4 in 13.4 1999 VR-4 is awsome looking white, but look's almost the same to Gen2 VR-4 except for the spoiler. Easy to tell difference between N/A and Turbo model because of rear spoiler. 0-60 in 4.8 and 1/4 in 13.3 1990 NSX is an awsome looking car. Styling best described as the Japanese Ferrari. 0-60 in 5.7 and 1/4 in 14.0. 1998 NSX still look's the same except for new rim's. 0-60 in 4.9 and 1/4 in 13.3 1993 RX-7 is a great looking car. The styling of this car alone demand's speed. 0-60 in 5.5 and 1/4 in 14.0 1990 300 ZX TT is a great looking car, but now is starting to look old. No side scoop's. Make's the car look slower than the rest. INCREDIBLY difficult to tell the difference between N/A and Turbo model. 0-60 in 6.0 and 1/4 in 14.5 1998 Supra Turbo is a great looking car. Wide looking wich give's it a planted look. Difficult to tell the difference between N/A and Turbo model. 0-60 in 5.3 and 1/4 in 13.7 Personnaly, I love the way the Gen1 Stealth look's better than any of the rest, but it's designing was not Japanese so therefore I did not include it in this comparison. If your wondering why no Skyline, it's because, until Nissan bring's it here, it's not supposed to be here. You can bring any car you want anywhere does'nt mean that it's supposed to be sold in that country.