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  1. Juan won't be in contention for the driver's chamionship, although I believe WilliamsBMW will snatch 2nd place in the constructors championship. Schumacher will bring home the crown again but facing much greater challenge from Williams, McLaren and Benneton. It will be a closer championship but Ferrari has it, as long as they work hard and continue to develop the tires, engine and chassis.
  2. The front end looks great the back end doesn't.
  3. All red would be better I think. But I think people would be afraid to drive them. Besides I don't think associating yourself with the dark prince will help the company image
  4. f we're talknig over 100HP/L than it'll be a factor.
  5. Guy pick up a 550 Maranello or a 360 spyder, they look incredible in person.
  6. The Super Vette sounds like a good idea. I don't see how it couldn't be sold along side the standard C5 and ZO6; it al comes down to how much people are willing to pay. I wonder how big that engine is gonna because they're gonna have to make it reliable if they plan to push those humbers. Besides that Cien is fugly, looks like a concept from the 80's on what a car would look like in the future. GM's deign in general need to stop with the boxy look.
  7. It'll be interesting if they decide to make a super corvette like a modern ZL1. I saw that Cien concept and it looked really bad. I really hate that boxy stealth style GM is introducing into their concept cars.
  8. Yes! Finally the 550 puts one away. If this progress continues then thet should be a serious threat next year. Clax buddy read dis! http://speedvision.com/pub/articles/racing...ad/010826a.html
  9. We'll see, because the 360GT has finished right behind the higher class. (7th overall). Give the M3's more competition.
  10. Yes I know, the block is mae from nodular cast iron, but I'm just saying that the ban a hurt Mercedes the most.
  11. That;s true, they were struggling for downforce on the front wheels was a common complaint. BUt my point was that McLaren used allot more Beryllium in the engine construction than Ferrari. Schumacher is gonna run an interum F2001B during the remainder of the season while Rubins runs this years so he'll remain competitive and challenge for 2nd place.
  12. That is some awesome news, now I can watch a Ferrari battle it out with the M3's and GT3's on SpeedVision. I hope they do enter ALMS next year the series need some privateer Ferrari's and some more diversity.
  13. As far as engine reliability perhaps, that's what every else on the board has been saying. It makes sense because if they have to replace it with a heavy metal, more rigid metal, or lighter less rigid metal it won't be able to cope pushing 17-18,000RPM.
  14. Actually it was because the FIA banned a certain light wieght material that the Illmor V10 was mostly comprised of. This hurt them allot as you could see over the course of the season. I forgot the name of the metal.
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