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  1. Classic American cars have such fantastically crafted lines. The panels might not always be as close fitting as those of, say a Mercedes - but they crafted some fine, intricate bodywork. Just as a german engineer said in one of my magazines when looking at bodywork: "dis ist not feasible!"
  2. Is that lap belts or do you have to have a full seatbelt? Cos some classics would be ruined by a full inertia seatbelt.
  3. Caddy didn't do all that badly.
  4. I wonder if they'll get the same rep as the Pinto.
  5. I know, great isn't it. (not a question) There's no such thing as just a Vette.
  6. I didn't think it would have such an effect. I mean, Z06man's quarter time is awful for a Z06.
  7. Tiff Needel? Here? lol I don't think so. Hes a pretty good driver, reasonably successful, nothing special compared to other drivers out there. Hes one of the few Top Gear presenters that actually know what they're talking about, and I like him. He would say Listers are his favourite - he drives them in British GT racing.
  8. I agree that the Viper has a more outrageous look and all, but IMO the Z06 is instantly recognizable and easy to tell apart from a regular C5.
  9. lol I know, there will be people who fit the bill anywhere. Maine, wherever. But I'm just using the NASCAR example, where people lable the largely southern fanbase as a bunch of hicks and generally talk of them with hatred.
  10. You shouldn't have to change how you are. But when people use 'hick' they aren't always talking about attitude, if ever. Normally they lable all NASCAR followers as 'hicks' because they are from the south. They aren't talking about the attitude of these people. As well as NASCAR fans, American car fans are also labled 'hicks'. Its retarded.
  11. McLaren doesn't dominate cos it ain't that good. Holy ****, nice women on that page.
  12. Yeah yeah. Gimpy, what you say is true (although many people label others as hicks based on far less than an attitude) but the whole point is not the words definition but how the user means it when they say it. They might say they hate NASCAR because they are all hicks. That person is basing their opinion of a sport on its followers being largely from the south and having southern characteristics. You must see the parallels with hating another sport because it is mostly made up of black people. (for example) The big difference is in how shocking or unacceptable forms of discrimination are, but they are all fundamentally the same. God I'm drunk.
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