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  1. Dylan_Michael

    Why BMW isn't that amazing...

    IMO the BMW marque signifies something like a doctor's porsche. The little preppy teenager would want this car to be like, say, his doctor father with a porsche. Too many people, they consider the "poor man's Benz" and even "the poor man's supercar". With HS being the ultimate popularity contest, so thinking of that, who wouldn't want it? I think the pricky stereotype that goes with it is very true, atleast where I am. I honestly have developed a complete hatred for the brand simply b/c of a kid named Bill Hudson. He owns a 318. And god does he try to show it off..he keeps stalling though, which is a shame. He puts that car through mechanical hell. But his whole outlook is quite sad.
  2. First of all, the F16 is not the best jet, its the F22 Raptor/Lightning. And lockheed has been on the fall since the cancellation of Venturestar/X-33 program, but its still odd how they barely manage to dent Boeing's sales. Ive been around aviation and aircraft my whole life (I dedicated most of my life to learning to fly and build rockets through books), and lockheed will never be bigger than what McDonald Douglas. Its not going to happen with this market. As long as the 747's are made, it won't happen. Actually, right now the design is rocket plane/swept wing glider. The common mistake (and you have shown in IMO) is thinking it takes superman to get to space. Well, maybe the Justice League, but not Superman. I don't care if it is feasible or not. To tell my grandkids I was in the race to set the first non-military person in space will be a dream. Its about the actual race..the actual moment.. Right now Eros is being redesigned and renamed in AutoCAD R13 and in my several cardboard models. I know a person out in N.C. that takes several "gliders" to high alt. (20-30miles) and releases them up there. Not many people do it, but I figure strap a rocket on one of those babies and hallejula... Of course its mroe complex than that. right now im getting the correct angle of ascent and descent, and also calculating weight and fuel needs. The DaVinci project of canada is using a mere 10K lbs of thrust, which can be achieved by a rocket nozzle roughly 10" in diameter. So increasing it steadily provides great effects. Im still bouncing around the simpler Linear Aerospike idea, the only idea that survived Venturestar. It appears to be better in every way, except simplicity. You need higher powered pumps and smaller bell's to carry the fuel onto the actual plane of contact to be ignited..the system is incredibly complex in actual design, yet very simple in method. The body would consist of aluminum all around, and most likely will be well ribbed. The body however has to be tough, and light, and safe, so thats going to be a challenge. We are positioning all the electronics up front, leaving pretty much everything flammable in the back. Still, the most challenging part is getting money..yet something about teenagers shooting for space seems intriguing to many people..who knows..im trying it..and proud of it.
  3. Thats the point, I didn't. I have gotten complaints from several members who wanted him banned, so i told him about it and he took it the wrong way.
  4. And BTW, its 62 miles, which with a lot of fuel can be achieved by almost any aircraft.
  5. Actually, you have no clue what a rocket itself costs, and demonstrated. If all the development is free, all the labour done for free, then, it can be lowered to sub 100K, easy. Especially with everything mapped out like I have it. And now, your not banned, not until you **** up.
  6. Dylan_Michael

    430rwhp Supra vs 430rwhp Trans Am

    Also, Japanese and American made engines are incredibly different. Japanese have more rev happy engines, while Americans like them "big and low" LOL. But you see, they are two different ends of the spectrum, so you have to watch what is said.
  7. Dylan_Michael

    V6 Corvette

    Has anyone thought that a prime reason why F-bodies, or even sports cars in general have high insurance is b/c they will get pulled over more, thus needing it in the minds of the insurance companies. I have also heard that they use the insurance rates to "weed" out the young, immature, naive person who buys say a Camaro or Mustang for the sheer joy of going 125 down the local highway. I can go on and on about insurance companies hate for kids, and sports cars.
  8. Dylan_Michael

    You guys GOTTA hear dis!

    Eh..its ok...not the best IMO...but good. I fall asleep to metallica..
  9. Dylan_Michael

    1934 Alfa Romeo Bimotore: First Supercar?

    LOL..hmm..small world..lol
  10. Thats true..I would like to see something wild and cheap, yet it is coming from Ford, it still gets me iffy. The Lightning was a huge step forward, but a hot hatch Focus with a good 300hp will solidify them IMO.
  11. Dylan_Michael

    America's Tuner's Best

    Point out to that Boss dude..cuz if its a 93 i'd lvoe to see it..Im familiar with the Boss that was built for that C&D comparo a few years back..and the one that was built in 95 by Shinoda.
  12. I dunno, maybe b/c they are usually conservative? And maybe people are still reeling over the Cobra flop.
  13. Most get help from Russia, yet China steals our stuff, so in a way, yes..lol
  14. Same with Japan, China, Pakistan, and Kazahkstan.
  15. Whatever..I just find your attitude their demeaning b/c you have no clue or experience in that field.