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  1. In the situation that you actually have an offensively large amount of money to spend on a car heres what I would buy. A Hummer H1 Convertible. Not stock though. You get a conversion to put a 502 mega-block Chevy engine and then supercharge it until you get comfortably over 600hp. It'll probably make most Bentley owners piss their pants Next paint the car using Coorshift paint. The color range is up to you though. Next tear out all the eats and replace them with nice leather seats trimmed out with Colorshift lwather. It is real! It's synthetic but it is available from severalmaunfactueres just look around www.colorshift.com and you'll find it Then install a nice but not excesive (you wan't to showoff not blow your head of) soundsystem. But as a grand finally you should puit a set of 23-inch Alloy wheels so you can truly pimp around in the Hummer. The price is good to. Car around $150g + $25g at max for the Colorshift work and then maybe $5g at most for the dound system and then $10g for the wheels. The reuslt willbe the most individual vehicle in the whole of the United States :cool:
  2. I don't think I'd do it in a car
  3. I'm looking for fastest acceleration not top speed
  4. What's the fastest (non modded) motorbike you can buy??? The Yamaha R1 pulls 0-60s of 2.5 seconds does the quarter mile in the mid to high nines and handles like a race bike. How does the Hayabusa and ZX-12R perfrom??? Is there anything faster than the bikes I've mentioned. Also what is the fastsest street legal bike you can get (modded)??? Are there any out there which go 0-60 in less than 2 seconds and do the quarter mile in less than 8 seconds while maintaining excellent handling???
  5. Thats BS it did it in 8 seconds. As much as I'd like that you need closer to 1300hp than 850hp to get the car moving like that. The best the Koenig will do is a high nine.
  6. Yeah Mata go to www.hsv.com.au for all the pics you need. Heavy there is no VT or VX GTSR with a 400hp engine. The only GTSR was a VS and it had aplatry 300hp which was pretty bsd considering it weighed 1600kgs
  7. Okay I'll explain about the HSV. Recently Holden has been using LS1 Chevy engines as their standard V8. Thats right boys and girls you can get a detuned LS1 (300hp) in a sub US$20K car The HSV movel which you all are talking about is the GTS 300, it has a LS1 tuned by Callaway so it now produces 400hp. Only porblem is that it isn't as luxurious as the M5 and the interior looks damn hideous. But now they have released the Senator 300 which ahs the same drivetrain, engine etc of the GTS but has a very luxuriious interior. Only 30 were made so you'll now have to grovel with owners for one The STi 22B is a tuned Subaru Impreza. The AMG E55 is a tuned Mercedes E-Class. The HSV GTS 300 is a tuned Holden Commodore. The Senator 300 is a more luxuirous Holden Commodore but it isn't the same as the Holden Statesman which tuned by HSV is known as the Grange. I hope I've eductated you all a bit more on HSV :cool:
  8. Well the Volvo would definately be able to see the street. The chassis would need to be strengthened and I'd have to install a heavy duty transmission The wheels would be street legal drag tires like Motor Trend used on the Hennessey Viper Venom 800, but the front tires would be pretty skinny. The rear tires woud be something like 300mm wide so rear luggage space would be cut down on a fair bit. The petrol tank would have to be increased in size to somewhere like 130 litres so fuel economy would be slightly better than a dragster If I had the money to build the car I wouldn't modify the interior. I'd get uprated, more comfortable seats etc but in general I'd only have the mechanicals modified like hell. The interior and exterior would be made to look as sedate as possible, minus the 18-inch wheels It would be the ULTIMATE sleeper, alot more subtle than a 502 in an Omni :cool: Well that's my five cents...
  9. The 508 I'm talking about is a Chevy V8. It's possible and I've seen the specs for it. The only thing preventing the 240 bieng a daily driver is the fuel economy (or lack of it ) I've used a program called cartest to check how fast the car would go and although it's not a good time for the power, I wouldn't mind doing toe quarter miile in the low tens in a Volvo 240
  10. Well my dream conversion is getting a 598 cubic inch boat engine and stuffing it in a Volvo 240 wagon It can work because the 598 is the same size as the 454 which witha bit of modifying on the Volvos part will fit. By the way the engine prodcues 1000hp and over 950 pounds of torque :cool: By the way turbosupra, please get a life
  11. Do you know that Yenko in the late 60s tranplanted 427 Vette engines into Novas Even with the 'slow' 430hp engine the car did high tens on slicks Imagine what the damn thing could dow with a 560hp L88! Ultimate sleeper with performance in what I'd assume high 9s low 10s :cool:
  12. I would get a Nissan 200SX instead
  13. Bliggida, the McLaren F1 does the quarter mile in the mid tens and the Hennessey does it in the low tens and high nines :cool: The Dauer could probably do high maybe even mid nines and the Ford would reach top speed before the quarter mile is over
  14. The 340r definately. The car looks bad-*** and would be buckets of fun on the track :cool:
  15. Going by that logic, the F30 would have been Angelina Jolie on wheels.
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