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  1. MikAnchovy

    Special Supra

    Good to see ya Toady... cool to see you still made it here. You knew I was a fellow SR20 freak, right? Alas, I sold my NX2000 three months ago... SR20-swapping an S13 sounds awesome. Do you know if any swaps can be done with S12s? They're SOOOOOO cheap, and they're supposed to be decent handlers, right? I know of someone who did an SR20DE swap in one... but I haven't heard of any DETs in them.
  2. MikAnchovy

    Prelude Replacement

    C'mon... I've taken enough **** from Persid lately about how nostalgic I am . I just remember reading huge-*** accolades towards the 5th gen. Prelude about how well it handled... better than the Celica GT-S, they said, and better than some exotics... I actually don't mind the way the RSX looks... not that I'm in love with them, but then again, Honda put some wonky-*** headlights on the current 'lude too...
  3. MikAnchovy

    Prelude Replacement

    Not to doubt ya Kepone, but the RSX outhandles the 'lude? The 5th gen. Prelude is one freaking hell of a handler...
  4. I guess... but then again, by the 964/993 generations, many of those Porsche habits had been tamed... Still, I guess I was wrong in saying that... although the 300ZX is supposed to be a total power-on oversteerer...
  5. oh jeez... I don't know if I should get into this... The 300ZX TT is lighter and it's the oversteer king over virtually every car of its' era... plus it looks better, and T-tops... well, you just can't argue with that. I'd certainly take a Z over the 300hp VR-4, and I'd probably still take one over a 320hp VR-4, although it would be a tougher decision. The VR-4s definitely have their merits, but in looks, they just don't do it for me, and I hate weight.
  6. MikAnchovy

    if there was...

    You can make a Viper crank out all of the power in the world, but it's still a 3500 lb. car My car of choice? It's not the 100% baddest car ever built, but I really like the Nissan Pulsar GTI-R. I realize that it's not even heads and shoulders above the Eclipse/Talon GSX/TSi in street performance (6-second 0-60 time and 14-flat 1/4 mile), but it looks really cool IMO... looks like a really badass evil 4th gen. Civic hatch, and the SR20DET is REALLY hard to beat for durability or moddability (oil squirters in pistons, REALLY strong bottom end, very tightly balanced). I can imagine that it's fun as hell to drive too... what homologated WRC car wouldn't be?
  7. MikAnchovy

    Control: FWD vs. RWD

    GPL is a PC game, from '98 or '99. Its' driving model is so beautiful... but it's so sensitive and responsive that it pretty much needs a driving wheel to be played...
  8. MikAnchovy

    Control: FWD vs. RWD

    Turbo_ZX3, get Grand Prix Legends... that's all I've got to say. And don't even attempt to play it without a quality racing wheel
  9. MikAnchovy


    Hmmm... most current OEM turbo cars have 8.5:1 compression. The Nissan SR20DET has that level of compression and it can take ~20 lbs. of boost without needing internal mods. The 4G63 is in that neighborhood as well, and it's good for a similar level of boost. Obviously, if you're gonna turbo a bone-stock B18B, you aren't going to push 20 lbs. of boost from a monster freaking turbo, but maybe somewhere in the sub-10 lb. range from a fairly small turbo (like a Garrett T25/T28). If one were going to run a large turbo at extreme overboost, I think I'd heed your advice... but this doesn't seem like that sort of an application.
  10. MikAnchovy


    Basically, from what I understand, with the 2nd gen CRX/4th gen Civic, it boils down to this... The ZC and the D16Z6 (SOHC VTEC motor from '92-on Si/EX) are bolt-in swaps... a little wiring and you're set. From there, things get a bit more difficult... the B16A1/A2 requires some mount modification and has some firewall fit issues, and the B18B is harder to fit too. The B18C2/C5 (GS-R/ITR) engines need more room on top... possibly a bumped or raised aftermarket hood. I don't know about the B20. In any case, kits are available to make all of these engines fit, but they still don't drop right in... I like the B18B just because it's a low-compression, tracable engine that'd make for a serious tire smoker in a 2100 lb. car. If you were looking to turbo a B-series motor, it'd probably be the one to pick... it has somewhere around 9:1 compression, and since it's non-VTEC, cam overlap and setup isn't an issue with it. Don't forget about suspension mods here too... with some appropriate work, you CRX could be arguably the best-handling car on the road check out hybrid.honda-perf.org for swap info and stuff...
  11. MikAnchovy

    '00 RSX-S & '87 Mustang GT

    Torque does matter, but how often do you spend time below 4000 rpm when you're drag racing? At the launch, no doubt, but once you're going...
  12. MikAnchovy

    Bashing the Camaro SS' handling

    It WILL handle, but it's not a car of which type you'd really comment positively on its' handling. Sure, it does the skidpad quite well, and sticks great, but it's got no steering feel, and it doesn't have the dynamic qualities of lighter cars.
  13. MikAnchovy

    Super Sport - King of the road

    Look it up... it's what you said, word for wor, and I don't feel I misinterpreted it...
  14. MikAnchovy

    Super Sport - King of the road

    Ahhh... Gimpy pretty much said it. Blig, if you're really, truly convinced that you didn't post what I quoted, go through the RSX Type S thread again... otherwise don't call me a liar. You don't think that steering crispness and agility would come in handy on the track? And have you seen a Trans-Am racer lately? They don't exactly resemble street Camaros... The Camaro is a great car... but it's not the only car out there, and at least in handling, it can be defeated by other cars. An enthusiast isn't an idiot for choosing, say, a Mustang or an RSX or a Miata over a Z28. That's all I'm trying to say here...
  15. MikAnchovy

    Super Sport - King of the road

    Actually ZX3, you don't own an F-body. You own a Mustang, which is also a ponycar... I didn't say that you brought up an SCC track time, or mention an SCC track time anywhere in my post. When I made reference to the track in my post, it was because you said this... ...where you spoke about, or at least regarding, the F-bod's track abilities. But don't you think that having double the hp of the cream of the sport compact crop would make it quicker around the track? I'd like to do 150, especially if the car I'd go that fast in is stable. But I've only ever topped 120 two or three times, and at that time I made damn sure that I didn't have to do anything but drive straight and hang on. But I've also gone autocrossing four times, gone to the strip once, and I drive mostly in traffic. I'm way more concerned about how my car handles at speeds I'll actually drive it at... And I do question the stability of a live-axle suspended vehicle at any triple digit speed, especially if the road surface leaves something to be desired.