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  1. Holy shiet this board is still up?!? Looks dead as hell though
  2. I never said I see more for one. And the Mustang has only a year less behind it, a whole 1 year difference. Whoo hoo! It is simply the place I live, here everybody loves and worships Camaros and Firebirds.
  3. Before somebody slips up and says, there has never been a 4x4 Car. There has been, the AMC Eagle...Just thought I'd say that for the hell of it.
  4. I know the numbers are true, but man I just don't see how the F-bodies sellings are dropping so drastically. I mean I see damn near as many newer F-bodies as I do newer Mustangs.
  5. It looks pretty cool, it would really make you stand out. But the front end kinda looks like it would double as a snow grater.
  6. At 100+ I think they would skip taking you to the Hosptial, and take you straight to the Morgue. But I chose the Z06, hands down. No contest. It would take a complete moron to think the WRX would beat it on any regular road course.
  7. The MR2 for me. It's much smaller and seems more nimble. The Z is a boat in comparison.
  8. When Shaman is around, there are just some things you don't joke about.
  9. I beleive there is a purpose or use for everything on the market today, or else people wouldn't buy them.
  10. I really like it, it's a nice looking small car, with good power, and apperently a fairly luxurious interior. And not a bad price tag either.
  11. The 4+3 was a shitty *** Transmission put in the mid 80's Vettes, the Crossfire Injection Vettes. It apperently is horrible, and an Automatic of the same year is said to be as good or better.
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