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  1. Yeah! He's stuch a stupid idiot for blowing up his own car!
  2. Too true; in every way. Yep, not a single redeeming quality about them at all. That's why they've only sold 4 units worldwide, ya know. Hopefully you sensed my sarcasm. How about if I said that M3 were the biggest pieces of sh!t in the world? Who in their right mind would want to haul around 2000lbs of bricks in an M3? What would you say to that? And they don't haul ***, BTW.
  3. And undoubtedly will not come to the US.
  4. I probably mentioned this before, but there's a Ford dealership in Florida that has Cobra-R #34. The tag on it with all the options has it listed just short of $55k. The lot sticker price. $75k. The mentality of the dealers is that if you don't own one, you never will unless you're willing to shell out an exorbitant amount of money.
  5. They have one #34 of 300 in the dealership where I test drove the Contour SVT. VERY nice. It was in the showroom so they wouldn't crank it up, but I got to sit in and fondle it. NICE CAR.
  6. If you're looking for performance mods, go for the basic bolt on's. Intake and exhaust are a good place to start. They'll probably run you at least $150 each. Noticeable performance increase, but don't expect to take down much except other 4 bangers. Suspension mods are something to do as well, but if you're not racing, then I don't see the need for them. You'd get nicer response in cornering and it would enhance the overall drive and fun factor, but it's money that (IMO) could be better spend elsewhere. If you're looking for appearance mods, you can get rims, lowering springs, window tint, etc. You'll probably want to stay away from stickers though. You'll just catch **** for it...
  7. It's funny how we have to wait for nice cars to be popularized and advertised to the masses by way of film.
  8. Too bad the Carrera GT looks NOTHING like any other Porsche made. I'd take the GT over the Z8, which I have seen in person. Not a bad looking car...
  9. I like it. Something to set your car apart from the rest.
  10. Nice looking tires. I like the way the big blocky tread patterns look, as opposed to the diagonal tread like the AVS Sport, Kumho ECSTA, etc...
  11. Upscale? The GTI is not something I think about when I think 'upscale'. I don't think it's worth the tag that it's carrying though...
  12. I'd take something that had a nice balance between the fuel tank size and the fuel economy. I would say "the vehicle that has the largest fuel tank in the world", but that doesn't necessarily mean that it would be any reasonable vehicle, or one that gets anything more than a few gallons to the mile. One that was also lightweight. And most important - Air conditioning!!! Anything that meets these criteria. I'd drive a friggin Unimog if it was the only match.
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