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  1. lightning, its better looking IMO and the big v-8 is cooler than the turbo 6 IMO.
  2. well i havent heard much of what countach has done to her ferrari but from what ive heard of shamans firebird it can pretty much annihilate anything on the street.
  3. hmmm thats interesting ive never seen figures for the cobra that were that good. i always thought the lightning was faster, ive seen the lightning run 13.3 but that was under perfect conditions but with the 380hp and 450 lb-ft of torque along with the new 3.73 gears 13.3 should be easily achieved all the time.
  4. maybe the first gen lightning wasnt faster but the new lightning is faster than any svt cobra.
  5. i dont know about the handling but according to some of the stats it was supposed to run mid 12's which would make it about as quick as the z06.
  6. though the lightning is quicker i like the mustang better. trucks dont really appeal to me either even if its a 380hp supercharged one.
  7. if you dont honestly know then its not worth explaining. just check around the internet and find some sounds or videos or ferraris and listen to that engine sound. if that doesnt make you tingle then you will never know what makes ferrari so good.
  8. do you know why they discontinued it? i had read somewhere that they just skipped the 00 model year to fix the problem and the 2001 cobra would be back with the full 320 horses.
  9. kepone i dont mean to be a dick but there were no 2000 cobras. they didnt make any because of the problems they had to fix with the 99's. there are 99 cobras and 01 cobras but no 00. ts1 for every riced out civic there are probably 3 or 4 hooked up mustangs. [Edited by hondakiller on 02-17-2001 at 03:47 PM]
  10. yeah those are some very powerful supras but you can buy a lingenfelter vette with 570rwhp with a two year warranty that is just as reliable and handles just as well as those supras. granted it will be slower but with that power level the difference wont be much.
  11. are you retarded or something? how many fuckin times has it been said in this thread. the lingenfelter twin turbo corvette reached 226mph without ANY suspension or body upgrades. its only a twin turbo kit and race brakes. damn people don t listen.
  12. ok the 200mph argument is stupid with 10k into a vette it would easily break that. it needs no body work the lingenfelter tt proved that. brakes arent really needed because unless youre an idiot youre going to do this speed on a oval track with plenty of room to stop with the stock brakes but just for the argument take away 2k for brakes. 8k left. now turbo kits are about 4 grand to buy. thats 4k left. that 4k is for installation and any custom parts that need to be made to make the installation fit. now with a turbo and no intercooler it could make about 8-10 pounds of boost without any problems. you could make at least 500hp with that kind of boost. 500hp would easily break the 200mph mark. so SHUT UP.
  13. he beat me to it i was going to come here and say the same thing.
  14. z06 is quicker and puts up better slalom and skidpad numbers while staying in its price range. wheres the argument? the supra cant beat it at anything.
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