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  1. Marlin, maybe you should look out your window when you drive.. If you did you would notice a lot of differences on mustangs. Not only were they completely revamped not too long ago. They have a new package (bullit). A new spoiler look.. so on and so on.
  2. mecca tt

    Z06 VS GTS coupe

    I don't know why my post just cut off. When I said, better 1/4 times and top speed were worth the extra $.. I was talking about the viper vs the z06. Not the 2001 z06 vs the 2002.
  3. mecca tt

    How to rape a Bmw 740i

    The car is ugly *** hell. Who ever paid the cash to have it done is a moron. “Wanted in several music videos”, man **** that. I would never ever have that **** in anything associated with me. It looks like giant f’in roller-skate.
  4. Unless you live in the U.S.
  5. mecca tt

    Damn guess what I saw!

    Maybe if it was.. Mom's Car: Dodge Omni Dad's Car: Dodge Colt Dad's summer car: Dodge Daytona Your car: Dodge Duster ..we would just say it was your cars. Anyway.. your 16 so you by law couldn't own any of the vehicles above.
  6. mecca tt

    ALL japanese cars in Gran Turismo 3

    BTW, Sega GT isn't as good as Gran Tourismo. They are however working on Sega GT 2, on Playstation 2. I'm sure Gamecube will get it too.
  7. mecca tt

    ALL japanese cars in Gran Turismo 3

    In Sega GT, I had like a damn near 1500hp Viper GTS/R concept. I think it topped out around 260-270.. and I had a TRD3000GT (Widebody supra) with like 12xx hp? I topped around 250.. I used to own the world record. If you want to see a bad *** car.. I have a NSX that’s 746hp I believe, in Sega GT. I swear it was like a F-1 car.. no one could beat me on the track, no matter the track. On straits I would shoot over 240 MPH easy.. and then take the turns with ease. If I remember correctly, I did about 0-150 around 5 seconds.. hehe..Another ill *** car is the 3000GT Vr-4, fully modded. It topped out below like 200 but it was mean on the track.
  8. mecca tt

    ALL japanese cars in Gran Turismo 3

    Anyone remember Gran Tourismo one. Where the Dodge Copperhead concept was basically untouchable stock on twisty tracks? Or what about the purple one with the gold rims. Hah..
  9. mecca tt

    How to rape a Bmw 740i

    Big Sloppy:D
  10. mecca tt

    How to rape a Bmw 740i

  11. True, but can you afford a stock z06? I doubt it.. If you saw a z06 would you look twice? I bet you would.. So let it be just a vette.. I really don't understand this biased on cars just because they cost 1/2 and perform better.. WTF sense is that?
  12. Sounds nice.. I would rather build up my own z06 than that kit stuff though. The reason it doesn’t have top speed specs is probably because it isn’t any faster than the stock. (Gearing). It sounds like a mean track machine though… Numbers also seem kinda conservative. At least to me..
  13. mecca tt

    Toyota Supra Replacement or MKV NEWS!

    What about just a little bit?
  14. Well, I told you guys it was coming sooner or later after Nissan or Honda expressed their plans for there own next generation supercar. I’m not really sure there plans on where to fit this in the market but I hope it isn’t priced too high. Expect more news and/or a prototype in the near future. I’m sure it will make U.S. shores as long as the next generation of NSXs does. The two supposedly leaked designs are… http://www.busybeetoys.com/SCOOP/scoop-edn30.htm (The yellow one one) And another one, which the Auto Express has.. Which I have seen several times before, but I believe is an entirely different car. Carolla Levin to be exact… Anyway I can’t find that picture on the Internet. And you need an account with Auto Express to see the article in person. I’m just trying to save some time. “Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin – and now Toyota. The Japanese company is to take the supercar world by storm with a new coupé powered by a 4.3-litre V8. And one of the two leaked prototype designs pictured here is believed to be under consideration for launch as early as next year. It would use the same awesome engine that's currently available in the Lexus GS/LS430 saloons, and offer at least 400bhp. Power would be fed to the rear wheels through a six-speed manual gearbox, although engineers are researching a development of the sequential-style system that's fitted to the MR2. This would allow for a gearchange similar to Ferrari's F1-style shift, as seen in the 360 Modena. As well as replacing the Supra – currently in its tenth year of production and still available overseas – the new coupé will mark the firm's arrival in the ultra competitive world of Formula One. It is aimed at boosting the image of the company, which has made no secret of its sporting aspirations with the T Sport-branded Yaris and Celica. Although Japan has a tradition of building wild performance models, these Toyota supercars would be among the most driver-oriented yet. The Honda NSX and Nissan Skyline have achieved international critical acclaim, but no Far East manufacturer has attempted to rival the legendary marques from Italy and the UK with a production model. It looks like that is about to change.” -Autoexpress.com
  15. mecca tt

    Z06 VS GTS coupe

    I think that the exclusivity of the Viper, along with the price difference of the z06. The z06, is the value in the end I guess. Isn’t there going to be a 415hp z06?higher top speed and better ¼ mi times are worth the