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  1. Car. I already got a perfect girl
  2. I can't get the pictures to open. Does anyone have the pictures saved that they could e-mail to me, or ICQ or AIM me? frowan@gladstone.uoregon.edu if you do. Thanks!
  3. Yeah, I tried to measure the lap time before and after passing the Exige, and they're pretty damn identical. But, that being said, it really doesn't look like the C5 driver is trying too hard.
  4. I saw the upper half of a diablo once (the center median got in the way...on the freeway). It was great. It was that sort of pearly-purple-metallic color....so I always say it was a Jota.
  5. I take the Z06. Better looks, similar performance, and from what I gather it handles a lot better.
  6. This is too general of a topic. I mean, I would totally prefer a Z06 to any porsche (although it would be a difficult decision between it and a turbo or gt2), but I would rather have a boxter than a mustang or f-body. Overall, I prefer American through history. It hasn't been until the "996 era" that I don't find Porsche's ugly, yet American cars of all eras....maybe not the 80's when everything was kinda ugly...have been beautiful and fast....AC Cobras, Shelby Cobras, first generation Camaros, Stingrays, Cudas, .....all the way to the C5 and Cobra R
  7. Thanks everyone for not taking this the wrong way.
  8. Have you ever seen Bryan's rice boy page? There are rice Ferraris and Lambos!
  9. Okay, this is not because I'm hotheaded from the GT2vs360 argument, this is not a facetious joke, I just am curious.... I, personally, think most Porsches are too boring to look decent. I frankly don't like their looks. Their performance is great, so is Ferrari's, so is Lambo...blah blah blah. But, I know there are other people with the same sentiments as I have, and in the argument someone said that the 360(?) was ugly. I thought I'd find out the majority of the opinions. So, what are your opinions? Vote, post, whatever...
  10. I wouldn't get a Ferrari as a daily driver. I'd get an M3...something with good performance and practicality. I mean, masturbating is fun, but I don't do that every day.
  11. I think the modification argument is somewhat credible, but only in the right situations. If the topic is "which car would you choose", then it's okay...we all modify our cars, and in this case it's a real life situation. However, in something like "fastest car around the n-ring", it's BS because anyone can modify any car...it ends up being a who modifies best sort of thing. The point is, if value of the car is worth arguing, I think modifying is too...but if it's just a best, fastest, quickest comparo, leave it out.
  12. Anyone have the video of the C5 vs. Elise?
  13. I get it. (notice the rolleyes in the doctors post, and another comparison).
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