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  1. That's a lovely looking volt Chris. Don't tell me you were messing up that wall with graffiti...smh

  2. Should be just two, the pivot bolt and the mounting bolt (used to be adjuster bolt on the older ones, but with a serpentine belt the alternator doesn't adjust). It's possible that it's just crusty and will require a crowbar or the like to remove it.
  3. Chris V.

    This Forum

    Wish the admin was around to make you a moderator. Most of us can't be here very often and the spammers just overwhelm. I'm only here about once a month, to be honest. This place used to have massive amounts of communication in heavily populated threads. But that all ended about 5 years ago, if not longer, with the advent of FB Groups and the like draining forums of conversations.
  4. The main reason is that we either get hydrogen from electrolysis of water which takes more electricity than you get out, or we get it from breaking down hydrocarbons which is not environmentally friendly. It takes less electricity to just use that electricity directly in a battery than to make hydrogen.
  5. Nash Metropolitan. Obviously a 1960 model.
  6. Volkswagen Wolfsburg crest, probably off an older Beetle.
  7. 3 years into ownership now and I've spent a total of $300 on repairs since I bought it. Almost a year ago I spent $100 on a rear window regulator, but that's been it for the last year. It's been my daily driver and it's been on road trips to upstate NY and out to Summit Point WV this past weekend. I love driving this car...
  8. Audi A5 or S5 (same car, different trim levels)
  9. Your car does not have an OBD1 or OBD2 system (OBD2 started in 1996) that's an old Jag connector, but not OBD. So you won't be able to connect the HUD to it.
  10. Depending on the car, you can try to start with http://www.3dtuning.com/en-US/ then bring the result into photoshop or similar to tweak it.
  11. Are you serious with your advice on this forum? A 911 for a first car for his daughter?
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