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  1. Chris V.

    hydrogen fuel cell cars

    The main reason is that we either get hydrogen from electrolysis of water which takes more electricity than you get out, or we get it from breaking down hydrocarbons which is not environmentally friendly. It takes less electricity to just use that electricity directly in a battery than to make hydrogen.
  2. Chris V.

    What's this car?

    1955 Chevrolet 210
  3. Chris V.

    Unknown car

    Nash Metropolitan. Obviously a 1960 model.
  4. Chris V.

    Anybody know who's emblem this is

    Volkswagen Wolfsburg crest, probably off an older Beetle.
  5. Chris V.

    What Car Is This?

    Yeah, it's a 500.
  6. Chris V.

    Latest toy, '01 BMW 740i Sport

    3 years into ownership now and I've spent a total of $300 on repairs since I bought it. Almost a year ago I spent $100 on a rear window regulator, but that's been it for the last year. It's been my daily driver and it's been on road trips to upstate NY and out to Summit Point WV this past weekend. I love driving this car...
  7. Chris V.

    Try and Guess this Car!

    Easy, it's a McLaren F1
  8. Chris V.

    Can Someone Help Me Identify This Car?

    Audi A5 or S5 (same car, different trim levels)
  9. Chris V.

    Can you identify this OBD plug?

    Your car does not have an OBD1 or OBD2 system (OBD2 started in 1996) that's an old Jag connector, but not OBD. So you won't be able to connect the HUD to it.
  10. Chris V.

    Vehicle Modification Software

    Depending on the car, you can try to start with http://www.3dtuning.com/en-US/ then bring the result into photoshop or similar to tweak it.
  11. Chris V.

    Which small car for my daugther (1st car) ?

    He's in Poland, not India, and the Nano is a crap car.
  12. Chris V.

    Which small car for my daugther (1st car) ?

    Are you serious with your advice on this forum? A 911 for a first car for his daughter?
  13. Chris V.

    Airbag Light On

    The light won't turn off if the fault is still present. Were you able to get the codes from the system? Most likely a passenger seat mat sensor or passenger seatbelt retractor. There are bypasses you can get for the seat mat sensor on ebay, but it's just a bandaid for the real problem and will cause the passenger airbag to fail in an accident.
  14. Chris V.

    Need a new vehicle no clue what to choose

    What part of "don't want to spend over $7000" did you miss? Or being good quality and cheap on gas?
  15. Chris V.

    Teen First Car Advice

    Non of those classics will be cheap or good for a teenager just learning to drive.