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  1. Here's my dream car...a Bugatti Veyron
  2. Stick with your choices. They are good ones. But I prefer the 370z over the Cayman.
  3. I'm sorry I can't help but laughing all the way! I have to say that Honda is so good they can make a Volkswagen...hahaha! Well, you might want to go to China, they make good imitations of everything that you might find a Honda Volkswagen there!
  4. I would suggest a Honda Civic. It is one of the most reliable cars based on ratings that is within your budget. Just make sure you have a mechanic inspect it before buying. edit to remove link in signature...
  5. This list is interesting, but what about electric or solar cars...are they going to be mass produced pretty soon? Do you have a list of the most interesting new inventions that use alternative energy other than oil / fuel? I heard about a car run on hydrogen from a machine that is fueled with water...
  6. I would never drive on such a road in winter...lol
  7. I agree. Studies show that diesel is more fuel-efficient than gasoline and is more eco-friendly. Although, diesel also emits harmful nitrogen oxide, there have been technological improvements that lessen the toxicity level by having a gadget in the vehicle that reduces it.
  8. Get Help Buying Or Selling A Car Online We Offer The Lowest Service Charge On The Internet! Buying Service Tell us your ideal vehicle preferences We search through millions of ads to find a car that suits your needs, run a CARFAX check to ensure a clean history, and negotiate the price We help you throughout the entire buying process and provide advice on extended warranties and financing Total Cost: $150 ($25 upfront, $125 final payment) Selling Service Tell us about the car you would like to sell Our experts determine the appropriate selling price We post ads on multiple sites, handle calls from potential buyers, and provide the legal forms needed to sell a vehicle Total Cost: $150 ($25 upfront, $125 final payment) Pay us the final payment when you are satisfied with our service. If you are too busy or doesn't have the skills to pick a new vehicle or sell your current vehicle, we are here to help. Visit, carbuyhelp.com or call 1-800-951-4714
  9. some of these cars need modifications, lol...just kidding
  10. Would you like a third party handling the sale of your car for you? Would you like a third party posting the ads for you? Would you like help in selling your car? Are you too busy to facilitate calls and avoid scams?
  11. How much is your budget? Are you more concerned about reliability or fuel economy? Are you more into American, Japanese or European makes? How many miles must be on the vehicle? Which years (range) would you like? Try carbuyhelp.com they can help you find the car within your budget and with the right options you are looking for.
  12. I would like to know how many people use cashier's cheque, money order or other mode of payments when buying a vehicle. I would also like to know which is the safest way to pay especially when buying a used car from a private party. You may also include real experiences on how scammers pay or payment tactics they use. Please shed some light for everyone.
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