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  1. in short pay the guy 300 at the shop and let his ass do the hard work?
  2. I figure as much ... my only important question is do I have to take out the engine?
  3. Tentioners? (sp) Thats what needs to be replaced but I found a kit for 100 that includes all of it so I just kinda figured ... fuck it ... do it all!
  4. My father in law bought this for 600 bucks. The only problem is that the Timing Chain and Tensioner need to be replaced. Be for we begin this magical adventure I had a question or 6 .... ish. How long does this normally take to do? How hard is this going to be, scale 1 -10 1 being my dog can do it 10 being pay a mechanic. Lastly a called a guy who said i had to take the entire engine out of the car to do this. I wanted to know if there was an truth to this or if he just wanted to spike the price. The car is stock with 160K miles and the little 1.6L, Manual transmission. From what I have read this is a common problem. I plan to buy a step by step book and I found a Timing Chain kit on line for $110 is this around average? www.1aauto.com part # 1ATBK00070. Any and all help is appreciated. Also what is a good sell price if you happen to know.
  5. so drain a gallon of Coolant, run the flush, empty radiator and flush with clean water then re-fill with 50/50 mix. Thank you guys for the help. I found a shop that will do an AC inspection for free and tell me whats up with it. On another note, I noticed this about a month ago when I start the car it takes a second for the power steering to kick in which is understandable. but I noticed that even when the car is warm at a slow turn ( such as a 3 point or U-turn) that the car makes a squealing noise and the power steering gets tight. Any ideas?
  6. Okay doing some small maintenance on my car few questions (some are opinion based) but to start, 99 infiniti G20 4-banger automatic. So I want to do a radiator flush and I was wondering how the best way to do that was and if using the Flush Solution was a good idea or a waste of $$$. A breif walk through would be nice. Second I was driving along and noticed that if the AC was in 'High' the car was fine ... I dropped it to Number 3 and my Rpm's started to flutter up and down almost stalling the car. Any ideas what would cause that to happen? And lastly, I have had this car for almost a year, never messed with the ac unit or anything there of, but I was wondering how do you know and how often should you get the AC system re-charged? I know I'm a pain and post to much but please I need all the help I can get.
  7. its a 99 infiniti g20, this isn't the first time its happened. I put the ac in manual instead of auto climate. If i'm on open road its fine, the minute i slow down or idle at a stop the temp spikes. the other issues i have is that i will set the ac at 65 on high and it will be nice and cold, i turn it to medium or low the temp of the air coming out gets hot. I haven't checked the fans (honestly wouldn't know what to look for how to check it, open to suggestions or walk through) Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  8. I turned on my AC today becasue it was 112 out and my PIECE OF FUCKING SHIT GIFT FROM GOD over fucking heated. the minute I turn it off the temp drops. I think I might just light the car on fire. but in the mean time any suggestions? besides don't run the ac?
  9. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Mitsubishi-...0QQcmdZViewItem Its in my budget range. Tell me what you think.
  10. removing the front drive shaft, will that only work on an awd car? In theory i could this to my infiniti to? whats the point in a front wheel drive car? seems more of a hassel to add the extra shaft .... bear with me here. And how would you suggest to seal the hole? And wont it destroy the transfer case? if there is one.
  11. I kinda agree. It would be pointless to tune but not track a couple of times. I really think I will go ahead and see if it all works out ... no harm if I fail just a loss in money I guess. I'm actually really excited about this. "I would get a VR4 and disconnect the front drive shafts so it's just rear wheel, the way it should be." I honestly didn't know I could do that. Thanks for the advice.
  12. I like the 3000gt ... a lot, but I have a few questions and maybe you could help me out. best year or years to aim for. vr4 ? does it really matter that much? worth spending a little more $? Mechanically? Major issues that might arise? I know that a lot of people on here have their own opinions and are kinda biased about certain cars, but I want to hear it all. I want to know what you think and how you feel ... but please give me a reason. None of this 'Because Mitsubishi Sucks' ... please be a little more explanatory. This would be a tuner but not a track car. So please ... suggestions?
  13. How so? I understand the A4-5 ... the 5 is like the upgraded model. How does the 6 differ?
  14. I was looking around at the Audi's again and was wondering if anyone could tell me the differences between the A4-5-6?
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