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  1. fba mofo

    Whats So Great About the Impalla

    All I have to say to those who don't like the B-Body, '91-'93 Caprice, Caprice Wagon, Roadmaster Wagon, Custom Cruiser, and the '94-'96 Impala SS, is, I'm sorry. I own a '96 Impala SS and have loved everyday that I've had it. I bought it 4 months ago with 69k miles, and paid $19k (after TT&L). With an LT1 under the hood, a beafier suspension, 255 50/17 Z-rated tires, 17" aluminum wheels, leather interior, very comfortable (front and rear), spacious seating for 5 not 6, nice floor shifter ('96 SS), low profile spoiler, true dual exhaust, CD player, huge trunk, full-size spare, and a few other amenities. Modding capabilities are almost endless with this car. A member of our national club is supposedly in the 9's. We have a definate track time of 10.82 and 10.84 in the quarter at our last major meet, ImpalaFest 2000 (www.hossimpala.com). Not only can they move, but they look damn nice too.
  2. fba mofo

    Impala SS

    According to a "rumor" going around the Impala World, NAISSO and its local/regional club affiliates, there is a possible return of the SS, it will carry a slightly modified LS1 in the 2000 body keeping the FWD setup. I'm not too sure what to think of this. I own a '96 SS and have a lot of pride in my car. I have nothing against the new Impala, it will never be parked in my garage though. It is a very nice car, a great upgrade for the Lumina, which would have been my choice for the name of the car. The rumor about the Commodore coming to the US has been pretty much validated. There was a sighting of two unmarked Commodores in Arizona near the GM testing plant. I don't know much else about it, except that it's a bad ass car.
  3. 100% stock, that means absolutely no upgrades... Please give comments about each category... 1) Style, Ride, & Comfort 2) Performance (acceleration, handling, etc) 3) Any other personal reflections All comments are welcome and appreciated.
  4. fba mofo

    3000GT VR-4 vs Trans Am

    The WS6 is a waste of money... The ram air does hardly anything that you can't do by adding a K&N and a little shifting of the air box. The suspension can be done, at least locally here in Dallas, by an Italian named Gigliotti, G2 Performance Upgrades. All he works on are F-Bodies, and has suspension packages for drag, rally, daily driving, whatever; and they are less than you would pay for the WS6, less revealing, and perform better.
  5. fba mofo

    3000GT VR-4 vs Trans Am

    To Great... I do not disagree with that price, it's on E-Bay... But looking at the Kelley Blue Book value, he got a fair deal, the car was in immaculate condition, and it only had 48k on the odometer. And it was $28k after TT&L.
  6. fba mofo

    3000GT VR-4 vs Trans Am

    Thank you for your wonderful oratory, but just out of curiosity, what part of your ass did you pull those numbers from? And if you say supercars.net, I'll consider you more of a dumb ass than I do at this present moment in time. AWS stopped after the final production in the year of 1994, no it did not continue into 1995 or any year since then, hince the fact that my friends 1997 VR-4 does NOT have AWS. Now let's see if we understand the numbers here before we go further. AWS stopped in 1994; 1997 does not have AWS; therfore you are wrong, and I am right. Another question for you, have you ever seen a VR-4 in person, outside of pictures and the occasional one on the highway/street? Anyway, my friend just brought up a good point concerning your numbers on the 0-60. You are right, I was wrong, it doesn't run 5.5, it runs 5.3. I am very sorry for the mistake. However, I was much closer to the correct et than you were. Where they hell do you get that number? Just as some kind of proof. My friend has installed various mods to crank up his boost (with water-injection and a boost controller, I hope you know what that is) to 18-20 psi (it's stock 11 psi) and has the standard K&N. With these simple mods he has barely achieved your acclaimed 4.8s 0-60. He ran a 8.31 s at 82.5 mph in the 1/8 mile track in Kennendale, TX 2 weeks ago. His fastest trap speed was 83 mph. As I type, he is installing a NOS kit (50-75 shot) that'll hopefully put him around 4.5 s. Without NOS he's pushing close to 410 bhp @ 5500 rpm (peak boost). Now of course this is an estimate simply because there are no AWD dyno's to speak of anywhere close to TX. Now the only way that I can see you having any chance of overdoing anything that I have to offer is if you are talking about an infamous Toyota GTO, which in all practical purposes does not exist legally within the United States of America. Oh yeah, even the GTO doesn't come with AWS... My personal suggestion is to make sure YOU, my comrade, is that you have your facts straight before you think of challenging me again. And for further enjoyment, try visiting http://www.3si.org, it's the international club for the 3000GT and Stealth, 3000GT/Stealth International (3SI).
  7. fba mofo

    3000GT VR-4 vs Trans Am

    First of all, your prices are all wrong... My friend owns a '97 VR-4, he bought it for $28k with 48k miles on it. So, if you honestly think you are going to find a '99 VR-4 for under $35k that has less than 60k miles on it, you should probably start seriously shopping. Second, the All-Wheel-Steering (AWS) ended in '94 along with the active aerospoiler and airdam. Third, 0-60 times are off, the VR-4 comes in at 5.5s and the T/A (w/o WS6) clocks in at 5.3s (w/ WS6 it's at 5.29s). When comparing style, you have to make that decision. I have always been in favor of American style and muscle, but I do like the look of my friends ride (pearl white with tan leather interior). As for the WS6, a waste of money, the ram air looks nice but doesn't do much, suspension upgrades can be done for less than $3k (price of WS6 package). The 6-speed in the VR-4 has caused my friend a few problems, but the T/A is not exactly free from mishaps either. If you are going to buy a sports car and drive it like one, be prepared to pay to maintain it. If you're looking for modding capapbility, and money is an option, go T/A. The VR-4 is very hard to mod, the engine is already close to it's peak capapbility without getting into redoing heads, cam, spark plugs, intercoolers (front-mount!!!), turbos (2x), intercooler piping, etc... The price quickly goes up. Anyway, you obviously need to look at both cars carefully and do your research, because you most likely have not...
  8. fba mofo

    Best Hot Rod Station Wagon???

    HOT ROD!!! Hot Rod, is a V8, Big Block, Naturally Aspirated (no turbos), Heavy, lots of HP, RWD, with big fucking tires in the rear and tiny ass skinnies up front, usually from the late 40's early 50's and a few in the 60's and 70's, absolutely no cornering ability, no AC, NOT a family car, good only to drag and make loud noises... One more thing, it is going to be fucking AMERICAN!!! Hot Rodding was invented in America, stayed in America, and will remain AMERICAN...so bringing a VW, Subaru, or Volvo into the comparison of HOT RODS is ridiculous. OK, I feel better...