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  1. Yeah I'd go with the CR V if that's what your looking for. They're pretty reliable, and good on gas. My friend had a Escape that he wrecked. It was actually pretty nice inside. About the same room as an Explorer.
  2. BJ#1


    Are there any actual plans of Toyota coming out with a new Supra. If they did, I would hope that they wouldn't flop and do a half job like they did with the Celica.
  3. That's not true in all cases. I had a battery in my ford van that was dying on me and radio, lights, and A/C controls all worked fine, but It wouldn't start to safe my life till I changed the battery out.
  4. Could either be the motor going bad or the arm needing to be replaced or greased.
  5. Hows it going and welcome!
  6. BJ#1


    I agree with Jammo. If you tune it you might as well put it on the track a few times. Didn't know it was called the GTO though. I've aslways like the car, never had any dealings with them at all though as far as riding in one or anything, but I don't think it'll hurt to go for it. Never heard any major mechanical issues on them. Let us know how it pans out.
  7. Awesome. I know I'm in love. It sounded beastly mean opening up out of the turns. Extremely excellent post
  8. Wow! Now that's nice, and it's manual. Man if I had the money I'd definatley go for it. Low mileage too! +++
  9. I think it depends on the company. My friend runs a route job and they've got tracking systems on their vans that not only let them know where he's at. but how fast he was going. If he went over 65mph he would get a call immediatley from the Sup telling him to slow down. It's more of a pain for the driver especially when you've got a long route and you just wanna get home
  10. Wow that's pretty harch language. Appearantly you do more than just not like it
  11. I have to agree. I wouldn't have gotten the coupe with the 2.5ltr. And the prices between the 3.5 and the G are about 8-10k difference. But to answer your question. The kind of power your probably looking for will more than likely include a turbo and other preventive maintinence to protect the engine. In the long run it will cost well over a grand. If your looking for little mods you can do try working on your exhaust system. (Changing the headers, cut out the cats if your area laws allow you, change the exhaust. ) Moding your car can get real sticky especially with your car. I have an 02 Altima. And you have to know what are the effects before you change out parts. Can't just change out parts because someone says it'll add more hp to your car. These cars are mostly electronic and everything is linked together. Once you start fooling with one thing stand by cause you'll end fooling with something else. So just a caution.
  12. I'm sorry again, but maybe you are use to flying 1st class so much that you forgot how cramped and hot coach can be. I understand they're the same car (like flying in the coach and 1st class both in the same plane). The issue is options. I would think an Acura would have more comfort (see your second paragraph) than a Honda. Likewise with Infiniti and Nissan and Lexus and Toyota. Again if you can afford it why not?
  13. Yeah, I agree with keeping the Honda. Much better pick in IMO.
  14. Ha that's funny, but I'm sold. Don't suppose they'll be coming out with any conversion kits or anything in that nature sometime soon huh?
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