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  1. Makes no difference with the fuel unfortunately. It's happened on full tank, 1/2, 1/4... LOL... it's not fussy . They've checked for dirty fuel, but that has come out clear. Thanks Wally, yeah I know that I dont' have to take it back to the same place. I will chase up with GMH and see if we can get more answers. I ha ve contacted them before, but they aren't overly helpful either unfortunately and also want to wash their hands of the matter.
  2. Thanks Wally. We've had numerous headers with them and while they are very polite about it, they don't seem to be willing to budge on finding out what the issue is... it's like they are washing their hands off it. My other question would be that given it is still under warranty, what does this entail me to in the way of replacements, should they not be able to find the problem!?
  3. Am looking for some help/ suggestsions as what may be wrong with my car here, or if anyone has had similar experiences. The car is currently at the dealership and they are drawing up loose ends with what might be wrong. My car is 2 years old and still under it's new car warranty. Since earlier this year, I have been having problems where my car will sporadically switch off / stall and the "engine malfunction light' will come on. What is concerning is that it has previously happened where driving along the freeway the car has locked up, where I couldn't press on breaks or anything like that and it completely shut off. This has since happened again - after Holden having my car for over a week, being unable to fix anything and taking a stab in the dark. They have my car again, and rather than replacing it, they want me to just take the car back and 'deal with it' until it happens continually and then they will fix it. My concerns are obviously for my safety. A car that stalls whilst sporadically driving it isn't exactly a safe vehicle to be in, particularly when it is still under warranty. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I might be able to do and where I stand in this debacle?! Thanks
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