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  1. not yet...i need to acquire another jack first
  2. also the one of the motor mounts has recently been replaced. the others looked fine
  3. i tried to move the tire. it wont move at all
  4. when it does start, the entire car shakes. i will try replacing the stabilizer link, just becuase it looks bad. it doesnt look like it is very hard to do.
  5. The front CV axels have recently been replaced, as well as the brake rotor and pads. i actually took it to a reputable mechanic for that, but he is almost 80 miles away. I have also been told that it could be my wheel bearings. do yall agree with that?
  6. ok just for sh!ts and giggles i put my undersized spare tire on there to see if maybe it was the tire. The wobble wasn't as bad\but it was still there. possibly because of it being a smaller contact surface. I really dont know. there is a plastic arm(no means a mechanic ) so i dont know what it is, but it goes vertically from a approximately a 3/4 inches around up to the steer mechanism. it also swivels, but the bushings on both ends are blown up. Could that be the issue? 0r am i way offM
  7. thank all of you. if that doesnt fix my problem i will come back and let yall know.
  8. by looking at the tire wear it looks like the wheels are properly aligned and the suspension is working properly
  9. the car doesnt pull when you apply the brakes. the suspension is in good working order but i dont believe they checked anything to do with steering
  10. when i added my wife to my policy my bill went up because i added a driver but my individual rate went down because of the marriage. for some reason they think that just because i got married i am gonna drive safer. as they said in the earlier post, it does depend on your spouses driving record.
  11. i have a 97 ford taurus with about 225k miles on it. For the last 1000 miles i have noticed a front end wobble that is just getting worse. i have had my tires checked and there is nothing wrong with them. it only wobbles at over 70 mph and really bad when i apply my brakes. i dont know what to check and i have talked to three "mechanics" that cant figure it out. can anybody help me?
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