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  1. supposedly, the black tube that says "heater core hose goes here" is called a "bypass tube", coolant from the engine block flows through it. the black tube has that off-shoot tube, the one thats says "this goes here", but the nipple that hose goes onto curves around into what is the missing hose.
  2. no cat fights now boys what i dont get, is how were the bolts too long? did he put new ones in or something?? ive done my own brakes before (discs, not drums) and ive never had this problem...
  3. Apparently there's a coolant hose missing on my camaro. This pic is taken right below the air intake and above the water pump. A heater core hose goes onto the black metal tube which snaps into a metal nipple that screws into the block and the tube also shoots off to another hose that is plugged (Dont know why, bought the car used and thought maybe it was a vacuum line or something). The car seems to be running fine, no problems really other than my other maintenance, and I have no idea why this hose has been plugged. Also, the black tube had some sealant inside of it as well, but i believe that was excess that just got inside of it originally. The plugged hose connects to another metal tube which essentially is a big U turn and THAT hose is missing. I have no clue where it goes, I cant find another nipple that is supposed to have a hose for it. Any ideas? Thanks in advance. Also, in case you're wondering, the black tube is coated in a sealant, the old one was that way and where it met the nipple was leaking so Im sealing it up again.
  4. Well I hope all is well and fine, but ive got a another question: Been working on the Camaro, i think ive got the heat problem in hand. Tried running hose water through the heater core as one of its tubes were hot, the other luke warm. Must be clogged and water did not come out of the other hose so the core is definitely clogged. Also looking into a heater control valve if there is one for my car. On the other hand, the one heater core hose runs into the engine block, above the water pump. the nipple the hose goes over was very corroded and bent up, so i straightened it out the best i could but it started leaking from where the hose meets the nipple. the actual metal tube the hose goes over also goes into a metal nipple. which i just bought from the dealership. SO, im going to remove the tube, replace the metal nipple, and probably cut off the corroded/bent pieces and go from there (nipple was 15 bucks, the whole metal piece is 85 so...) but where the old hardware meets the nipple, its covered in a now-gray rubber material, like it some sort of sealant. Any ideas? the metal tube just snaps into place in the nipple, so where it meets was probably covered in the sealant. Ill post pix soon so I dont sound like a total madman. (And its the 3.4l V6 engine we're talking about)
  5. was it YOU, WALLY? WAS IT?! On a side note, this car continues to be the devil. Went to inspection, failed for the parking brake and the back brakes balance results. Im gonna clean the bejeezis out of the rear brakes and take a look at them and see if i can figure out what to do, same goes for the ebrake. But the heat however is a new adventure. It seems two plugs from the water pump on both sides of the thermostat do not have tubes on them, the right hose is plugged and not connected, the left receiver, well, i cant even find the hose that is supposed to cover it. So these coolant hoses arent being used, probably because of a heater core problem that was bypassed when the car was in north carolina. So, after i figure out the brakes, ill follow the heater core and water pump hoses, see what isnt connected, fix it, try out the heater core, and if it leaks, replace the core or if the hoses from the core are busted, fit a bigger hose over them and clamp them down.
  6. havent noticed any leaks or anything, and the usual "the interior rugs on the passenger side will be damp if the heater core blows" doesnt apply either. if it wasnt so damn cold out around here now, id spend whole days checking everything out but i cant get the car in the garage either. after inspection im going to try to get some space clear so i can work on it without freezing my arse off.
  7. rats. well, i tried the paper clip in the scanner port, didnt work. the "service engine soon" light didnt even flash with the power on and the car not running. Also, had the thermostat replaced and the radiator flushed (its pretty filthy brown in there a bit) and the heat still doesnt work. it blows, and i think i can hear the blend-door opening up for heat instead of AC, but it still doesnt get hot. the temp gauge hardly reaches temperature properly even with the new thermostat. and after not seeing the engine light for a while, it came on today. So im screwed, still trying to find a place that do a ODBI scan thats not 80 bucks but its gotta get inspected in the morning, we'll see what happens.
  8. Wow, great ideas. Ill try it out as soon as I can. Wondering about the tranny codes tho, it seems to throw the light if the engine is still reading cold (havent done the thermostat yet), drive up to 50/60 mph, and as its slowing down it will turn the Service Engine Soon light. Really hoping it isnt the trans, it runs fine and all but i dont have the cash for a new trans right now.
  9. Autozones around here told me they can only test cars from 1996 and later because they only have the ODBII system, not the I. So Id have to have a mechanic around here with the proper computer to check it out unless I want to buy one for $100. But the lights arent on anymore except for the engine light that comes one rarely, but wouldnt the lights have to be on while the test is being done?
  10. Hey all, I just got a V6 1994 Chevy Camaro with 117,770 on it. Picked it up from a garage that fixed it up, apparently it was a North Carolina car and the freeze out plug went on it so the guy wanted to scrap it here it NJ. So, new freeze out plug and a cooling hose (their pressure check said all was well with the cooling system), I just put a new battery and alternator in it, cleaned it up inside and out, and its a pretty sweet car. But because its a used car and the garage didnt know much about it before they got it, Im concerned up the maintenance. It seems to run fine now with the alternator but it needs to get inspected so is there anything I should look out for? Are there certain things that a Camaro around this year and mileage would need? Im planning on doing a full tune up soon but with the cash flow and all, it'll probably get done after the inspection. It needs a radiator flush, the oil and trans fluid all look fine, it really needs 2 new tires, the muffler will probably need to be replaced sooner or later, and the only thing that bothers me are the warning lights. Before I put the new alternator in, i was getting "Check gages" (the oil pressure gage is shot) but it hasn't come back since and I was getting the "Service Engine" light if i went over 50MPH but it goes off after the car is turned off for 5 minutes. Im guessing a faulty wire somewhere. Plus the thermostat needs to be put in, the air only blows cold and the temp gauge never reaches where its supposed to. But yah, any ideas would be great. Car runs fine and all, but Im looking for anything I should look into for my car. Thanks.
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