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  1. Nice to be back. It's been a while! How are the old chaps doing? Hope you guys still remember me. Okay, I was assigned to test drive and review the 2017 Mirage. I know, I know. Most of you think it's a shitty car, what with all the ugly reviews and what not. But driving this car in shitty traffic makes sense. And God, it sips fuel like how a meth addict eats food: gingerly. Here is the link to the review: https://www.carbay.ph/car-expert-reviews/this-is-how-the-new-mitsubishi-mirage-feel I'm not promoting anything here, but I want to dispel some of the nasty things about this car. The new model is different. It feels better, in fact. It's not perfect, but considering the price, it's better than the awful Toyota Wigo and Suzuki Celerio. I mean, if you don't have a lot of money to spend, the Mirage is a solid choice. Better than buying a used car. Although the Mirage is not an enthusiasts car, there are no roads where you can drive fast anyway, because traffic is just horrible this time of the year. Thanks!
  2. Feels good to be back! I don't understand what the fuss is about. So what if we take bong hits? At least it means that we're not idiots who have nothing better to do than talk about MT's car of the year. The Tesla is super cool. I only wish that I can afford it, and how I wish that it can make it to our shores.
  3. Ehem. 1. The Tesla is not irrelevant. It is beautiful, and it doesn't burn fuel. I understand that there are consequences to this, but you did understand the consequence when you fucked that waitress, didn't you? The point is, the world became a better place with the Tesla. 2. The Chevy Volt is awesome, too. I don't really understand why Americans are not buying a lot of it, although I guess the sales figures would have changed by now. 3. Motor Trend is Motor Trend. That's that. 4. Don't blame Tesla for developing the car. There are too much people in the world with too much money, and you should blame them instead. Now, I'm gonna take my bong hit, if you fellas won't mind.
  4. Hmm come to think about it..no JDM models exist here but there are some that are made in Japan, like the Nissan Teana and Mitsubishi EVO, for example (and JDM models are RHD!) Ah my dad's Toyota Crown was also made in Japan, and it had all the luxury features that you can think of, like dual aircon, and this neat fridge on top of the rear seats. That car was like rolling with the 'Don', if you know what I mean. The point is, the JDM models do have more unique, advanced, and clever features that are lost when the car is 'domesticated' for local distribution. Bummer. But quality wise, I believe that nothing beats Japanese cars that are actually made and assembled in Japan, regardless if it is JDM spec or what not. European-built Toyota cars are actually pretty good. I personally love the way that Ralliart UK managed to squeeze more than 400hp from your Lancer EVOs. Amazing.
  5. For the longest time, I failed to mention that I sold my beloved Mirage. I used to miss it dearly. But in a strange twist of faith, I found myself driving a 2000 Galant. I used to hate the idea of driving the Galant, but I was wrong. This car corners better than the Accord and the Camry combined. And it is totally fun to drive. Very comfy too. Too bad it eats gas (nobody said that the 4G63 was a fuel miser.) Oh well, who cares about gas, as long as you're having fun. LOL
  6. I really don't know why I don't like the R35. And I hate all the Z cars, too. There is no point in comparing the Mustang to a Nissan, even the R35. Given the choice, I would rather roll in a Shelby GT500 than look like a fool driving the R35. But American cars have vastly improved in terms of quality. This I like.
  7. ...the Big Lebowski.. ..oh, was that not released in 2011? damn..
  8. Get the Focus. Actually, all your choices are okay. Mazda, in particular, is a good buy. Of course, it will have to be the Skyactiv-G Mazda 3. If not, forget it. Hmm..strangely enough, the Elantra will be my choice, if not for the Focus. But the Ford is just too hard to ignore.
  9. Get the Focus. Actually, all your choices are okay. Mazda, in particular, is a good buy. Of course, it will have to be the Skyactiv-G Mazda 3. If not, forget it. Hmm..strangely enough, the Elantra will be my choice, if not for the Focus. But the Ford is just too hard to ignore.
  10. dr. joint

    Some news!

    Wow, that is nice, Cliffy. I wish that you guys last forever! It is hard to find true love, but when it comes, you better snatch it and keep it for the rest of your life. Congratulations! Cheers to incoming member of the Planet Cliffy family!
  11. Well I don't know if Honda has the balls to come up with a new Integra, unless you want a sports car that looks like a spaceship and can merge with the lower extremities of a giant ASIMO. However, is the Chevrolet code 130R related in some way to the new Dodge Dart? It is nice to see American cars that can properly compete with other imports (and Europeans) in the same niche. Is the Subaru BRZ/Toyota 86 really that good? Or the question should be..do we really need it?
  12. dr. joint

    Im back again.

    Hey Jammo! Sorry for the laptop, I guess it means that it is time to buy a new one! Cool pics, bro.
  13. LOL!! In that case, never allow a senior gentleman to drive your Japanese sports coupe! Happy new year bro! Never hesitate to pass the joint over hear in the South East.
  14. Car forums is a great place to talk about cars. For those who are new here, the moderators are not only witty, knowledgeable and good looking but they are also authorities in their respective fields. They all love cars. This is what we all have in common. Continue loving your cars and keep on pressing on the gas pedal! Happy holidays to everyone! Here's hoping for a more prosperous new year! ..and less spam and advertising on the site.. Merry Christmas!! *cough!* *cough!* pass the joint everyone..
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