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  1. Get the tester and the fluid (which is blue), put the fluid in the tester (about 1/2), take off the cap where you put the anti-freeze in, start the car (if possible), squeeze the bulb on the tester then stick the end of it into where you fill, let go of the bulb so it sucks inwards and if the blue fluid turns yellow you have exhaust gasses in the coolant system which 95% of the time means a bad head gasket. You have to get the car running first though.
  2. Make sure you have spark and good fuel pressure (35-50 psi) first. If those are good you can go to Autozone and rent a block tester to see if you have a bad head gasket (it looks like a turkey baster).
  3. You also have to do your homework on repair cost. There is cars out there that are well priced but when you have to replace something like an alternator or starter (which will eventually fail) the price for the repair is astronomical (German cars). If you're in the U.S. I would say get a Japanese or American car.
  4. I thought Honda and VW would be higher up on the list. Over here it seems like every other car is a Civic, Accord, CR-V, Jetta or Passat (and a rediculous amount of Jeep Grand Cherokees').
  5. Get the vehicle finished by this guy then never go back to him.
  6. All the car magazines here did a comparo on the V6 Mustang and the V6 Genesis and the Mustang won in the majority of the tests (0-60, 1/4 mile, HP/TQ etc.). But Ford still SUCKS.
  7. At night time (or in a dark garage) start the car and take a squirter bottle with water and spray around your spark plugs and coil, if you see sparks then that part needs replaced. It's not uncommon that the coils crack over time and send the spark outside instead of to the plug.
  8. Does anyone even use V4's? I thought they were all inline or flat.
  9. Get a 1988 Fiero GT and put a 350 Chevy in it (it will fit).
  10. Or you could just build an N/A engine so you really have something to talk about.
  11. Looks like a GT, unless someone put GT stuff on a V6.
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