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  1. vr6 over any diesel. ANY. unless of course all you care about is economy...
  2. go for a vw golf of course me and elite just went on a little trip and got 40 mpgs. My final fill up though ended at the high 30s though because i drove city after, however for the entire trip im sure the number could have been even higher had i taken out the spare and had 1 less passenger. (we were 3) If you could get your hands on a diesel, that would be my choice, you would get insane mileage
  3. Dont even bother, the Grand am isnt much to begin with anyways. The v6's always have problems, ALWAYS, The headgaskets have a design flaw, they will always leak. A 4 cylinder grand am on the other hand though not fast is at least reliable. I would enjoy that, plus they were the only ones that came with a proper manual transmission.
  4. Even people who like the 6 series seem to compare it with lesser models. Its because deep down, they know they hate the styling, and it will never grow on them. CURSE YOU BANGLE!!!
  5. Gay internet accusations FTMFW!!!!
  6. im his one and only...friend that is... i think he might have another somewhere in Siberia or something
  7. Ed, when you coming over with the camera, I need some good pictures
  8. The chrysler comments are making me know you guys are massive top gear fans. And although I find the interior of the porsche gorgeous, I would have to say that in a 4 door package, it just looks, unnatural. Then again looks are subjective, this thing will sell just for the prestige factor. (People bought the bangled 7 series, didnt they?)
  9. Get something RWD if your a real auto enthusiast Subarus are great, but I would recomend getting quotes on all the cars your looking at first, insurance can be a real bitch. Also some vw vr6s. Dont even bother with the 1.8s or 2.0s
  10. bring your camera and I will
  11. when my father was young and someone would rev their engine at him at a stop light, he would just rev back, and when the light turned green and they would take off, he would just drive normally. And next thing you knew there was a cop pulling the other guy over...
  12. sorry for the crappy quality, pics were taken from a phone. And the car hadnt been washed in a week. Since then ive changed the antenna, debadged the back, taken out all the dealer stickers, license plate frame
  13. Alright guys, I know just from browsing these forums that quite a few of you have either a VW or an Audi, and as the thread title states, lets hear your kill stories. Ill start, i havent had my car for a very long time, so I havent really had too much fun, but ive beaten a mk3 golf with a fart cannon, The other day some loser with a backwards cap blasting rap music in his altima thought it would be fun to cut me off on the highway, I downshifted and all he saw were my tails. 1986 Mercedes 560sl, my friends car A 7th gen civic (non si) actually bothered to race. All riced out. Driver some white kid blasting tupac. Guess who won. Defeats: MK5GTI just last night a g37 coupe pretty much showed me who was boss (Elite was in the car) Thats about it for defeats, I usually dont bother trying to race cars which are actually fast. NOW SHARE YOUR STORIES VW/AUDI GUYS
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