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  1. nimblesimon

    Help, I'm freaking out! (first post)

    sounds like an american car made in the 80s. Don't mean to be cruel.
  2. nimblesimon

    should I buy or should i not

    If all he wants is $100 then you can be certain that you will get your money's worth.
  3. nimblesimon

    New Litchfield Subaru

    complete awesomeness!!
  4. nimblesimon

    Criterias when car shopping

    my mother has a 92 nissan altima with about 150 k miles and I love driving it. 5-speed.
  5. nimblesimon

    Need Advice

    I love toyotas, and will probably always buy one. My older one is a 1987 toyota pickup and it's still not dead. It looks like hell, but it's not dead yet.