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  1. MustangMan95

    Quick question...

    Okay so I've been wondering in America do they allow you to drive a right side drive vehicle (a car were the steering wheel is on the right, not the left) and if so were can I find a 1999 Nissan Skyline GTR V-Spec? And how expensive are they?
  2. MustangMan95

    #1 Car you hate

    Chevy Camaro (enemy of the mustang, if you don't get it look at my name.) Hate 'em
  3. MustangMan95

    Cons of an imported car?

    No that's different and I wasn't meaning to offend anyone but being that I'm only 13 and most teenagers are retarded that's just the way I see things and that probably wont change. (Italian pizza is giggitty giggitty goood!!!)
  4. MustangMan95

    Dream Car?

    I'd keep it in my garage until I turn 16 and THEN I would drive it. (and probably get a speeding ticket the day I turn 16.)
  5. MustangMan95

    Which would you prefer?

    Gallardo hands down even though I'd sell it for a mustang.
  6. MustangMan95

    Ford or Chevy

    Heck no! Mustangs have been here longer, have more options, look better, sound better, perform better, Ford is better, and Ford has not stopped making mustangs since 1964.
  7. MustangMan95

    Cons of an imported car?

    The biggest con of an imported car... it's not American.
  8. MustangMan95

    The Most Pointless American Car Today

    Chevy Cobalt (American Car Company making a Ricer car, I don't get it?)
  9. MustangMan95

    Dream Car?

    I was just wondering what everyone's favorite car is and please list details. Mine is by far (I'm only 13 years old) a Manual 2009 Ford Mustang GT Deluxe in Metallic Grabber Orange with Black Pony Rocker Stripes, Leather Charcoal Interior, American Racing Torq- Thrust II wheels in black, an Edelbrock Supercharger (+166 HP), SLP Performance exhaust system (+25 HP). Witch all adds up to 491 Horse Power and about $34,000 Yyyeeeaaahhh... that would be the life...
  10. Manual 2009 For Mustang GT Deluxe in Metallic Grabber Orange with Black Pony Rocker Stripes and Charcoal Interior.