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  1. So I took all your suggestions in the other thread I started and did some research. I was looking into a few "hot" hatchs but where I live every one has a hatch. Three of my buddies have a Golf GTI. So I started looking into audi's. I looked in the paper and called about one for sale near me. Its a 2000 Audi A4 1.8 quart turbo 92k white with tan inter new brakes and new wheels tinted windows and apprently in really good condition. The price is $9,000. I know you shouldn't buy the first car you look at but this car sounds great. I am goign to check it out sound. What do you all think of the price though? Can I get a better deal anywhere. If any one knows any websites sellign used audi's that might help too! Thanks in advance
  2. I appreciate all the help, I'm starting to look around for a new car in the paper, onlien etc. There is an audi a4 for sale near me I am looking into.
  3. First off I'm new to the board, so Hello to every one. I currently drive a 2002 Chevy Cavilar. I'm sick of driving around a girls car that has no pick up what so ever. I'm looking for something more nicer and flasher with decent mpg. I'm planning on selling my Cavilar for around $5,000 using that money and money I have to buy a new car. I found a few Caddy STS's for good prices but apprently the only STS's that are V6 are the newer made and are very expensive. Maybe I'm wrong though? I'm not lookign for a sports car but something decently fast and somethign that looks nice. Something I can put tints on and a decent system. Maybe a Caddy? I don't want a V8 gas guzzler that why I've been taking a look at V6 engines. The price range im looking for is under 8,000 or 9,000. Any suggestions or cars, or websites?
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