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  1. Hey guys I am new to this, but I need some help for a car to do. I was just wondering what you guys feel would be a great choice for a summer project. I have a couple ideas and a couple of friends who can help me so even though I personally dont kno a lot about working on cars I have a lot of friends. So anyways here is what I'm looking for so you guys know just to narrow it down. 1. I kind of want a good tuner. 2. My best friend likes the classic cars 3. Muscle Cars so just name ur top of each category, you can name more then one. By the way thank you everyone who helps me I am very appreciative to you all. I'm in college so I have a 15,000 dollar absolute max would like lower tho. Here are the top for each one in my eyes but might be over my price. 1. Suburu wrx sti 2. '68 Impala 3. Dodge Charger but just name your top cars and they need to b at a moderate price thats really all i'm asking for
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