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  1. Ok so now that the VXR8 is here, I can change my thoughts to what to replace the Audi with. It has covered just over 30k miles with no problem and the dealer has said they will give me £22k for it as a part exchange. I want to replace it with something "sensable" that is comfy on long trips and gives decent mileage (20 + mpg). Must be good to drive too, I like back roads and race tracks Must seat 4 people and have space for a couple of suitcases in the back. Diesel is fine, but must have at least 6 cylinders. Must be reliable, I don't want to have to call the AA out for some electrical failures or a blown turbo!! And lastly, it MUST have a manual gearbox. Don't try and tell me the SMG is a manual because its just not. All suggestions welcome
  2. 2007DBR9

    Toyota GT 86

    Toyota have announced a new addition to their range - the GT 86. First impressions are that is is a proper back to basics drivers car. 2.0 NA engine producing 200 bhp, 0-60 in 7 seconds, rear wheel drive, manual gearbox, and £25k. I can't wait to have a go in one, it is great to see a proper, cheap, basic drivers car from a mainstream manufacturer. Road tests are starting to emerge, and they all seem to be very favourable. What do you guys think?
  3. 2007DBR9

    Some news!

    Congratulations! That is fantastic news, all the best to you and your new family
  4. 2007DBR9

    Vauxhall astra 1.6 2003 problem

    Have you checked the oil level? My guess is the valve stem oil seals / piston rings are gone, so the car is burning oil, clogging your spark plugs. Well known problem on the mk4 Astra! Take the plugs out, have a look at them, and clean them if they need it. Make sure you keep an eye on the oil level too! Good luck
  5. I like the look of the second one better. I wouldn't move the fogs, I don't think it would look right on a modern Mustang. Lovely car though!
  6. 2007DBR9

    Back to car shopping soon, opinions?

    Older European cars are generally fairly straightforward and cheap to maintain. It is important to keep on top of servicing, I get my A4 serviced every 8k and had no problems at all. Volvos in particular are known for their reliability. Parts are very cheap, and they are easy to work on.
  7. 2007DBR9

    '97 Dodge Ram Van - no spark

    http://www.allpar.com/fix/codes.html Does that help you at all?
  8. 2007DBR9

    Back to car shopping soon, opinions?

    Make sure you have a go in a Volvo 850 T5 - they are fantastic. Properly fast, best seats in the business, and very practical and reliable. Not much goes wrong on them at all - mainly the PCV breather system and occasionally turbos on cars that have been driven by idiots. An Audi would be good too, just make sure you avoid the automatic gearboxes as they throw up problems as they get older. Besides that the older A4 (B5 version) is known for its reliability if looked after properly. I actually have an A4 estate and it has been faultless in the 3 and a bit years I have owned it from new and 95k I have covered in it. Highly recommended, make sure you at least try one.
  9. 2007DBR9

    What SUV to buy?

    What country are you in? An X5 would be good if you can get there newer one (2004 I think it came in?), but I would go for an XC90. Pretty gutless unless you get a V8 petrol, but then that is not the point of a family car. Quiet, comfortable, and reliable. If you are on a budget and looking at older diesels, be wary of turbos / clutches / injectors / flywheels etc going pop as that will leave you severely out of pocket. You may actually find that running a petrol one would be cheaper as the car costs less as does the fuel. Unless you are doing over 17k a year a diesel does not really make much sense.
  10. 2007DBR9

    Personalized Car Plates

    I have never really bothered with them - although I have my eye on one with "VXR" on it which I am seriously considering
  11. 2007DBR9

    My First Car...

    You would be silly to discount German brands, the E36 would suit your needs perfectly and is much better than everything suggested here. The IS200 is not bad, but totally gutless. You can get an IS300, but they are auto only.
  12. 2007DBR9

    Are We Back Up?

    Good to see you again
  13. 2007DBR9

    BMW 535d

    These are brilliant, and with a remap you can be pushing out well over 300 bhp. Properly quick cars, the only thing that would put me off is that lack of manual transmission option. So much torque you can worry a lot of performance cars, while still returning over 40 mpg. Only issue is these turbos - they are expensive when they decide to go pop.
  14. 2007DBR9

    VW CC

    They are supposed to be very good if you look after them, what engine are you looking at getting in it?
  15. 2007DBR9

    What happened here?

    Hello again! This place seems very quiet since I was here last, are there any familiar faces (names) still about? Was the spam issue finally sorted??
  16. 2007DBR9

    Happy Holidays Everyone!

    Merry Christmas and happy new year to all! Looking forward to another year on CF
  17. 2007DBR9

    Car fan from the UK

    Welcome, I am another UK member from way up in sunny Scotland I notice you have an Audi A5, what engine do you have in it?
  18. 2007DBR9

    Need a new car....

    I have to say, I am with you on that one. The Vectra B was not that great, but the Vectra C that replaced it was very good. Would still take a Mondeo though
  19. 2007DBR9

    Is it just me

    You mean black plastic grilles instead of chrome / painted ones?
  20. 2007DBR9

    Wet dogs inside of small car smell (HELP)

    Get some of that foam upholstery cleaner and go to town with it, worked wonders when I had to carry dogs in my A4
  21. Can't wait for the new series, they seem to be improving somewhat now
  22. 2007DBR9

    BMW M550xd

    If I remember correctly, the name was accidentally released on a brake pad package or something like that?
  23. 2007DBR9

    BMW M550xd

    Lots of rumours going around just now about this, what do you guys think? For those that don't know, BMW are supposedly producing a new tri turbo (yes, 3 turbos!) 3.0 straight 6 diesel engine that is going to make it into the current F10. Headline figures are 381bhp and 516lb ft. The "x" part stands for all wheel drive (here in the UK we don't get these models) to get all that torque down properly, and if the 535d is anything to go by 35+ mpg should be attainable when not pressing the loud pedal. Who knows what sort of power gains are to be expected, maybe 450+ bhp with a simple remap? Should be a hell of a car if they actually make it, my only concern would be the long term reliability of the engine - I wouldn't like to be owner number 2 or 3 six years down the line and landed with a bill for 3 new turbos! I can see the touring version being all the car you would ever need...
  24. 2007DBR9

    Sexy small cars...

    Oh dear, I really hope they don't make a fwd 3 series
  25. My Vauxhall VXR8 without a doubt! The Audi comes a close second - it has been 100% flawless, still feels like new, had a lot of abuse, goes very well, good on fuel, comfortable, moderately cheap etc etc. Can't think of anything to replace either of them