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  1. Cleanest used BMW X3 you can find and pocket the rest. You'll thank me when you are older.
  2. Are you running on all cylinders? Is this the 3.1L V6? The loud squealing could be a water pump, alternator, other accessory belt, anything, but not being able to do 55 sounds like your engine is on its way out.
  3. Very easy. Top number is your car's total mileage. Bottom number is xxx.x, so in the photo you have 754.5 km on the current trip. This resets after it hits 1000.
  4. Did you install the brakes yourself? Is the grinding actually a grinding or more of a squeal? Does it do it the second you get on brakes or just towards the end of the braking? New pads and rotors don't grind no matter what the type. Make sure your install is correct.
  5. Trip is on the bottom and can only read up to 999.9 so I wouldn't be using the trip for that. The trip is more for one trip or between gassing up. Your mechanic is a flat-out liar. Even conventional oils can last up to 8-10000 kms before needing changing. With a full synthetic, I would change it at no less than 10000km unless you are in extreme conditions (which I don't think you are). Change mechanics ASAP. The oil looks new in those pictures.
  6. Dumb suggestion, but when was the last time you changed the cabin air filter? Would check that first. I've heard the heater cores are crappy in these cars as well, which is an $$ fix if I'm not mistaken.
  7. Dealers are supposed to advise you by law if an accident is on the car's report. Take them for all they got. If the frame damage was after you bought the car, though, that is unethical.
  8. First thing's first. Is the engine flooded? Put the pedal to the floor and crank it for a few seconds and then try starting it again. Or just wait a few minutes for the engine to clear. Did this "electrician" play with the fuse box? The security light is normal AFAIK.
  9. Safe to drive? If it drives straight then it is fine, but don't expect the same kind of integrity that you once had if you have another collision. Expensive fix? Yes, and it will never be like new. If you like the car, I would probably spend the money to get into another Maxima or use it as an opportunity to check something else out. 2010 Maxima, it seems to me like you aren't hurting enough financially to necessitate keeping the car. I personally wouldn't want to drive a car with frame damage. Just my .02.
  10. Change your AF mixture and use aggressive timing. You'll get that spitting. You'll also get an Accord that sucks gas and bucks everywhere.
  11. Holy moly 90k miles and $1000 for an E30. All I'll say is envious!
  12. It depends what you're looking for. The 3.8 is a very competent vehicle and more of a serious performance car than the 2.0T. However, the 2.0T makes the car lighter and still pulls pretty well. That, plus the 2013 has the added benefit of being newer. I have a buddy with a 2.0T with suspension, tires, and some light engine mods and the car felt very solid. Unless you are tracking the car, the 2.0T is a good buy. Have you considered the Mustang?
  13. You picked a really bad time to move away from Lexus. They are really changing the game right now.
  14. Sure it will go away because it won't run without a belt! Again, too infrequent to be lifters.
  15. You would have to ask whoever you are making the payments to if you can transfer everything to someone else. If not, you might have to bite the bullet and pay out the rest of the loan and then sell it at a loss.
  16. Sounds infrequent enough that it could be a belt. Swap them out and see what happens.
  17. I suppose it would help accumulate any shavings when the oil settles into the pan, but I can't see it helping during drainage.
  18. Ok so this is what you're gonna do. You're gonna take everything from that list that you just made and you are going to throw it out of the window. You're 16, A) the insurance rates will be insane and B ) you should learn to drive on a (somewhat) junker before moving on to one of these rides. Heed my advice and you will do well. Get a nice Mazda3 or something. Not the Mazdaspeed, obviously.
  19. That's new to me but I don't see the benefit since the shavings will be being drained anyway. Also, if your car has shavings in the oil in the first place, that's not too good. Are you sure you didn't see someone draining transmission fluid?
  20. If it isn't listed then I don't think this firmware supports it or maybe there is some sponsorship we would have to do or something. In either case, there aren't enough members here to warrant the effort.
  21. I would bet money it is the battery. Replace it.
  22. It's the battery or the starter. Just because it has power to light up stuff doesn't mean it has power to start the engine. Do the lights dim heavily when you engage the starter?
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