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  1. The Toyota Tacoma 5-speed sounds good. As long as it drives well at a good cost. I don't see the problem. edit to remove advertising in signature...
  2. Hey so you guys probably have heard about the BP oil spill in the gulf. I'm just wondering if/when the gas prices are going to go up? This definitely isn't helping the energy crisis or BP's reputation. It's probably costly losing all that oil and expensive to clean it up. I also heard that BP is going to have to file for bankruptcy from all the law suits coming their way. This is not looking pretty.
  3. Get some cool new dubs and a paint job
  4. Yah I agree. I have not heard of those either. Go for chips that are more reliable and well known.
  5. You might have a leak. I think you should get it checked out.
  6. Hey Rahul. I hear Dubai is a nice place. I'm a fan of German cars too. I also like Porsche 911 GT3..dream car.
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