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  1. Jammo

    Im back again.

    Haha, yeah, maybe when I can rustle up some cash,in the meantime, just a repair!
  2. I guess you could write to some Mercedes owners clubs/mags/forums etc for thier help? I often read it in the Practical Classics mag, people who are often trying to track down their old car to either buy back or just see again!
  3. Jammo

    Im back again.

    heres an example
  4. Jammo

    Im back again.

    Laptop broke! It frazzled out after I shared my beer with it. In the meantime, Ive been playing on Forza4 a lot of the time, made a few paintjobs for race cars, with the forum website on it too!
  5. Jammo

    My new motor!

    Im not a fan of leather seats in cars anyway, cold in the winter, burns you in the summer
  6. Its styling actually gives the impression its small, it was almost as tall as the 95' Mitsubishi Shogun and just a little smaller than the Jag X Type to the left! (And if youll look carefully, in the background, youll see my Focus haha
  7. Same, one of my favourite BMW's, up there with the E28 M5. (now thats going back a little haha)
  8. Haha, I love the pic of the limo, the driver looks so casual, reminds me of Peter Brock!
  9. theres one down here with a TVR 5.0L lump in place of the old 3.9 V8. It makes a beautiful sound, straight pipes and such! Oh, edit here, I had a look at an Evoque today, got close to it as it was in a multi-level car park. I really love it now, are they all 3 door? Interior is nice too, looks like it hugs you if thats a good way of describing it? It had the SD4 engine, which without looking, Im assuming is a 2/2.2diesel?
  10. Jammo

    My new motor!

    Actually ours has cloth seats, only a few had them! (Buts its got the usual Ghia bits, aircon, electric windows front and back, abs, esp, steering radio controls etc etc
  11. I would literally hate you if you did.....even more so if I knew you in person
  12. Best thing to do is pick a car that wouldnt be considered as a high threat for insurers, cars that young drivers tend to thrash, smash or get tickets in etc....cars like Honda Civics, Vauxhall Corsas, Shitroen Saxos-are best avoided! As for me, Im on a provisional licence and what Cliffy said about me is true, sort of! I got a quote for just over £1500 for a Ford Focus 2Litre Estate Ghia (a top spec model), I achieved that quote, partially because im 24 and also, how many chavs do you see driving an estate? If its new cars youre looking for, Peugeot are doing a good deal, called "Just add Fuel". They tax the car, insure it, provide servicing and roadside assistance etc etc....a bit of reading into would be a good idea....just make sure its a diesel! (French diesels work better than Petrol!) I hope that helps a little bit?
  13. I love motorsports (Karting isnt a loved form of sport for me however) Have you tried looking at the MSA? (Motor Sports Association-the UK's governing body for motor sport!) Heres a link to their "Getting Started-Karting" page http://www.msauk.org/site/cms/contentviewarticle.asp?article=785 I hope that helps? Ive used the site before to get into Volunteer Marshalling.....one day Id like to compete myself!
  14. haha, well I have a Ford now too (even though im a Vauxhall person lol)
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