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  1. Hi Martin, What car is it? Can you be more specific about the type of noise? Is it only under heavy braking?
  2. Have you tried Black Circles? I use them all the time and they're cost effective and will either just supply the tyres, or have them fitted at a centre close to you.
  3. Hi, sorry I forgot to respond as I don't get notifications! Basically, the engine noise will tell you when to change up a gear, and you shouldn't need to change down that often once up to speed. When slowing to a stop, you can stay in whatever gear you're in quite late, and either change down in stages (5th to 2nd), or all at once to 1st, as you come to a stop. This is known as 'box changing'.
  4. For future reference you can't simply copy/paste a picture in to the forum....I've tried. You have to use a link if getting it from the web...Or so it would seem. Chris might be able to help as he manages okay, lol.
  5. Reminds me of this, a 350/370Z 2006-Nissan-350Z-Coupe-Enthusiast-3.jpg
  6. Do you have any lights on the dashboard? You could have damaged the starter motor, or not put it back together properly.
  7. Assuming from your terminology you're in the USA, i'm also assuming the currency is in USD. With that in mind, it seems quite steep to me.
  8. Two very different cars there. The Mazda will probably be more fun, as it's a roller-skate in comparison to the Subaru.
  9. What country are you in? What budget do you have? New or used? All of these questions will need answering before we can offer objective options!
  10. I'd personally go for the S1 if budget permitted. All the cars you have listed are of good quality, but for me, Audi holds the crown for quality and prestige!
  11. You should know through instinct when to change gear, if you lack this instinct, look at the rev counter (all new cars have them and most older ones still on the road do, too). Failing that, as a basic rule, you should change out of 1st gear pretty much as soon as you start off (so around 10-mph as a rough guide), then from 2nd to 3rd at about 30mph, 4th at 40 - 45mph and 5th at about 50. If the car has a 6th gear, then this is generally a cruising gear and if you use it at all, you're not going to get any benefit in shifting from 5th to 6th unless doing 60ish mph+. 6th gear is good for fuel economy as it brings the revs down sufficiently at higher speeds which obviously reduces consumption.
  12. Could be an earthing problem. Usually a relatively simple fix for an auto electrician. Might find you need to replace one of the rear light clusters, but either way, not a massively expensive job. The cluster you'd be able to do yourself.
  13. Judging by the corrosion, I'm inclined to agree with Chris. From what I can see of the pictures, it looks as though the bushes are considerably perished, too.
  14. When you said speed sensor I assumed you meant a wheel speed sensor, which is basically an ABS sensor, and you'll have one on each corner of the car, just behind the brake discs/drums. Can you confirm what it is you mean?
  15. Hi, The Seat Ibiza and Ford Fiesta are probably your best bet as far as reliability goes. If it's fun and engaging driving you're after, then the Alfa 147 wins hands down in my opinion. I've owned a 145 and it was a cracking little car. Alfa Romeo don't have a great reliability record, but mine was okay. Beware of cam belt intervals on Alfas though, certain engines had intervals as ow as 35k miles!
  16. Probably not worth it, $1,500 for a high mileage Honda that may or may not words doesn't seem like much of a bargain to me...
  17. Clutch judder? Basically need a new clutch if so.
  18. Not the safest thing to do, no. Scissor jacks have a habit of slipping which is why they're only ever really used for changing a wheel. Also, although the block of wood will soften the pressure on the sump, you run the risk of the jack slipping off and going straight through it as they're relatively thin aluminium.
  19. If in doubt, I'd have the belt changed as it'll likely look fairly normal under inspection regardless. If you have proof of a change in service records, that's ideal.
  20. I know this is old and you might not see this, but is that your Dad's actual Senator? Looks nice in white, is it ex-Police? I guess not as it's the CD model, and Police spec's cars were usually 'poverty' spec in terms of cloth interior and a manual box etc.
  21. Proper Xenon (HID) bulbs won't fit as they have specific housings and connectors. You can buy aftermarket bulbs that are a lot brighter and use the same sort of technology as HID units, but they'll never be identical. Proper HID kits will cost a lot and consist of new headlamp clusters/lenses/housings and bulbs, and will require headlamp washers, too, due to the head they emit. Think it's different these days as plastics are much better heat-proofed, but all HID units used to have to have glass lenses because of the head distorting the usual plastic lenses.
  22. You can sell it for spares or repair and advise that you have lost the paperwork. Same would apply for scrapping the old girl, however the new keeper would have to apply to DVLA to have new paperwork arranged and this often puts people off. You could call the DVLA yourself and request a new V5c (the document that's in the safe)...Not sure if there's a cost involved, but bear in mind that your Mother needs to sign the paperwork to transfer the Ka, although this has never affected me when I've sold a car if you know what I mean
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