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  1. The only thing douchy about mustangs is the fact that Ford feels its necessary to have several dozen trims and editions to milk the hell out of the mustang name. They need to stop, seriously.
  2. Isaac


    What have I missed?
  3. Gas prices typically go up in the summer anyways.
  4. Oh man. Never go to Pep Boys. I've heard so many horror stories.
  5. Link Can't pass euro 5 emissions.
  6. Everyone knows wankels= fail.
  7. Good job. Glad it worked out for you.
  8. Many people think they are invincible in AWD cars. They find themselves wrapped around a tree. As ED says, you have to know how to drive.
  9. You went from new car to tuner to track. What exactly are you looking for?
  10. And you have the exact same IP as the OP. Christ almighty.
  11. Well, he did get flamed. His response was over the top, I'll grant you that. But lets me realistic here. Most people don't like being flamed.
  12. Mr Baseball isn't bothering me.
  13. Double clutching for down shifting only if you want to save wear on your synchros. No need for double clutching on a car with good synchros.
  14. That would be Impreza.
  15. Here is a serious answer. As cars age, their value goes down. You never get the value back. You might put a couple thousand in wheels and a body kit. That doesn't mean it will sell for a couple thousand more. I've seen many many cars that are highly modified. The owners put major $$$$ into them. They sell for cheap in part because no one wants to buy a modified car. By putting 19" rims on it you have pretty much eliminated most of your potential buyers. Grandma and that conservative lady down the street have no use for a car with 19" rims and a body kit. Even if it looks hella flush. Relax, take a deep breath. Never look at a car as an investment unless it is super rare. An altima is not rare. They are a dime a dozen.
  16. LOL elite defense. I still like elite downforce better. That guy who called him that was cool.
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