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    Want to Post in here?

    Send me a PM with your name, company name, email address, phone number, website etc. Only registered vendors will be allowed to post in here. All other posts will be promptly deleted. Only one thread per vendor. Any others will be deleted. You are not allowed to post links or advertise outside of this forum.
  2. If you see your name here, you are allowed to post links and advertisements in this forum only. You may post elsewhere in the site but no links. This includes signatures. murray LA Wheels Direct The Maintenance Club BiometricsUSA roomrods HID Guy Verooom added Oct 2, 2009 patrickchua added Oct 2, 2009 System_51 added Dec 3,2009 ipp-flatlander added june 9, 2010
  3. Hey guys. Lately we (mods and I) have closed/deleted threads and disabled the posting ability of people we deemed were spamming the boards. I talked to Steve about some specific cases where I have deleted threads for adverts/spam and Steve thinks this might be a little heavy handed. The example I am referring to is the user who was posting seemingly legitimate posts but including an in-line link to car parts. If it was a one time occurance then I may have let it go. However, the repetitive nature flagged it as spam in my mind. I've noticed many of your are very anti-spam so I wanted to get you guys involved in defining what is acceptable. Anyways, just trying to brainstorm here.
  4. I like it. This picture doesn't show the turbo model. Rumor is that it will have a 3.6L flat 6 in touring form and a turbo 2.5L flat 4 with 300hp in gt form.
  5. Infiniti claims in 10 years, all of their models will be hybrids. Here are some pics of their concept hybrid GT. :P
  6. Isaac


    What have I missed?
  7. Check it out at carscoop. Prob going to be crazy expensive. 2.5L direct injected turbo 5 cylinder. High res shots can be found at autoblog.
  8. Honda has canceled the next NSX. http://www.leftlanenews.com/acura-nsx-cancelled.html
  9. http://www.edmunds.com/insideline/do/Drive...rticleId=147926
  10. The only thing douchy about mustangs is the fact that Ford feels its necessary to have several dozen trims and editions to milk the hell out of the mustang name. They need to stop, seriously.
  11. Isaac

    Gas Prices

    Gas prices typically go up in the summer anyways.
  12. I like the bold looks. Much better than the boring Altimas, Accords and Camrys.
  13. Look at the size of that thing!
  14. If you can afford it, why not?
  15. Isaac

    Rack and Pinion

    Oh man. Never go to Pep Boys. I've heard so many horror stories.
  16. Isaac


    Link Can't pass euro 5 emissions.
  17. Isaac

    New RX-7?

    Everyone knows wankels= fail.
  18. Good job. Glad it worked out for you.
  19. Yup...initiate face palm response.
  20. Isaac

    RWD in the rain?

    Many people think they are invincible in AWD cars. They find themselves wrapped around a tree. As ED says, you have to know how to drive.
  21. Isaac

    Hello from FCC

    NP, glad you came back.