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    FYI, we just completed the upgrade. Lots of new features on the way!
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    Hi JohnS, we had a flood of spam recently and are upgrading the site to prevent more. Stay tuned!
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    Lots of Spam :(

    We had a few folks get through, sorry! We are blocking them and cleaning up now .
  4. The first president of Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. (FHI), Kenji Kita, had some definite opinions on the subject of automobiles. "If you're going to build a car, build a full-fledged car." "Japanese cars should have Japanese names." Mr. Kita was ardent about producing passenger cars and was the most passionate of all about the 1954 prototype of the Company's first passenger car, the P-1. Mr. Kita canvassed the Company for suggestions about naming the P-1, but none of the proposals were appealing. In the end, Mr. Kita gave the car a beautiful Japanese name that he had been quietly cherishing in his heart --- Subaru. Subaru is the name of a star cluster in the Taurus constellation. Six of its stars are visible to the naked eye, but about 250 bluish stars can be seen if one uses a telescope. In the West the cluster is called Pleiades, in China, Mao, and in Japan, Subaru ("to govern" or gather together"). In Japan, it also goes by the name Mutsuraboshi ("Six Stars"), under which title it appears frequently in very old Japanese documents such as Kojiki and Manyosyu and literature such as Makura-no-soshi. Clearly, this is one of the clusters much loved by the Japanese from ancient times. Interestingly enough, FHI was created by the merger of six companies, so you can see what a truly evocative name Subaru is. http://subaru-cyprus.com/origin_name.html
  5. Buy the part and find a local shop. They will be more willing to use your part than the dealership and the labor will likely be cheaper. Use Yelp to find a reputable local shop if you don't have a recommendation. Good luck!!
  6. Hi Micalee, welcome to CF!
  7. What direction are the scratches (vertical, diagonal, etc.)? Can you feel them with your finger nail (so deep)?
  8. Yeah. Very well maintained from the looks .
  9. Awesome :-). Keep us posted and feel free to drop videos here!
  10. Will you be posting any in install, how to, review, etc... videos? That would be pretty useful IMO. Show videos are fun too but maybe a bit of in depth on the install configs as well.
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