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  1. There are many that eclipse those in nastiness. Pontiac Aztek?
  2. Personally I'd go with a LS2 or LS7 and a supercharger, if possible. The stock motor is quite heavy and quite bulky. However, an AWD 3000GT is going to be a tough nut to crack. If it can be converted to RWD then it might be possible, I think - the front powertrain components I just can't see working with a swap, but if proven wrong, cheers to you. There are lots of cars that I'd do something with before the 3000GT but hey, variety is the spice of life, they say.
  3. Eh. Been there, did that yesterday. Because I spun a little.
  4. So I figured I'd pop in. I just bought this car: Still in the honeymoon phase, so ask any questions you want. If it isn't obvious, the car is a 2017 Porsche 911 Turbo S.
  5. Anyone still racing?
  6. And how, exactly, would that be a Civic?
  7. Since the current Z06 already outhandles almost every other "supercar" in the world, and is also faster than most - and faster than most people think - I can't see how an even faster Corvette is needed, unless it's a whole other level of car.
  8. Sure it's possible. You'd never get there with a small displacement motor, though, and the Civic will have to be so changed that it will really be a little red wagon with a great big powerplant in it. It'll never compete for coolness with the Outlaw guys who drive their car to the track and then run 5.9s and 6.xs with them.
  9. 565hp, naturally aspirated 422ci Firebird Formula with a full interior, competition suspension and a six point cage, Kumho V700s. This was a 76.730 run around the Pro circuit at Shannonville Motorsports park (www.shannonville.com). http://racing.kos.net/images/videos/sham2001.mpg The narrator is my mom. She always yaks on camera. P.S. I was suffering from brain fade pretty bad, had done a two hour stint as Starter and had to change front brake pads, install the belts on the new cage, etc. Pressing the pistons back into the caliper on Wilwood brakes is extremely hard.
  10. No no, it's almost ALMS all over again. Except that CGTCC has been around longer.
  11. I think you'll love Canada Challenge GT Cup. There are all kinds of cool cars including Ultimas, 911 GT1 cars and some extremely hot Camaros, RX7s, Talons, etc. See http://www.casc.on.ca/Category.asp?Section=8 for images from GT Cup.
  12. Dude, I know how to weight out a car. Seats = 15-20# savings each, glass = 80-100#, carpets + soundproofing = 100 total maybe, wheels = 20# total, A/C = 40-60#, C/F driveshaft = 3# from aluminum, airbags = 45# OK... so where's the other 400+ pounds coming from?
  13. You're saying they pulled 700 pounds out of a Supra? Is there lead weights all over the car or something? Or will it fold up like an accordion if you hit something from all the holes in the frame? Like... 700 pounds... good god, you can't pull 700 pounds out of a Camaro. 600 pounds out of a Camaro means you have removed everything not absolutely necessary, including the glass, and sanded the car down to get rid of the clearcoat (20-25 pounds). They cease to be a car anymore, and become a stripped and drilled carrier for the cage, chassis, motor, fuel cell and single aluminum seat - add the 16 point cage back in and they're still 3,000 pounds. How could you get that much weight out of a Supra? I'd love to know.
  14. Hey, I didn't take the videos. I thought they'd be neat, especially the Potter vs. Talon one. He's still lickin' his wounds cuz I beat the talon by a car length.
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