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  1. M3man

    color comparo 350Z...

    yes, we are all at: www.exoticcarforums.com .. although it is down for maintenance as of now
  2. beautiful pictures. xzotiqar, joing exoticcarforums.com, we all moved there. it fits your name rather well
  3. M3man

    US Elise

    eigenwillig, we all moved here: www.exoticcarforums.com basically the same people, but with better mods and admins.
  4. M3man

    Special Supra

    in case you haven't seen full throttle's project cars. they're yummy: http://www.srswap.com/jeffs90.htm http://www.srswap.com/yury.htm also, this guy, on sr20deforum.com, built the most badass 240sx sleeper ever: http://www.imagestation.com/album/pictures...l?id=4292413543
  5. M3man

    Special Supra

    that's awesome. I've been semi-considering that same option. Although 10k is a bit steep. You could just get a pretty nice 300zxtt for that kind of cash.
  6. M3man

    Special Supra

    nice to see you back, toady. go to www.exoticcarnetwork.com, all the old members are there. We basically did a mass move there, because the admins here didn't care anymore. you still driving the 300zx?
  7. M3man

    Most Amazing Car Ever

    who would guess it was rwd.
  8. M3man

    Special Supra

    wow, you know your **** dude. Are you toady, the guy that used to visit here?
  9. M3man

    Bligs' Z28

    are you serious? that car looks like a purple turd.
  10. M3man

    Real Performers [sarcastic/]

    <-- has '00 ranger, does that count?
  11. the SVT coutour was built around handling more than straigh-line. It's supposedly one of the best handling FWDs... along with the Integra Type R. Chris V. actually mentioned he'd beat Type Rs at the track (he used to own an SVT contour).
  12. M3man

    Mopar Power!

    that's mesmerizing.
  13. M3man

    Acura Integra vs. Honda Prelude

    we max out at 91 here in CA.. i doubt japan gets anywhere near 99, dats race fuel level..
  14. M3man

    Prelude Replacement

    you just hate it cause it's new new, Mik. you hate anything that hasn't been discontinued..
  15. M3man

    Prelude Replacement

    RSX is the replacement.