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  1. i'm back!! (like you care...... ) I would call that thing......... uh..... unique......
  2. Am i the only one who voted for the DB7?????? jeezz.... whats the matter with you guys??
  3. Whoho!!! Verstappen was @ P2!!!!! great race, btw, i am a fan (?) of M schumi, but did anyone else find his reaction in the press conference about Montoya childisch??
  4. Yes. I believe McLaren got 7 & 8... (still BAD!!!!!) muwhaahahahhahahahaa
  5. Yesterdayevening we were on the highway and some car is overtaking us with.. 160 kph. So my mom says something like.. Damn that idiot is in a hurry, so i look... HEY, i know those tail lights! I just missed a Z8...
  6. Tahoe style? uh.... i always thougt that Winstondog had a weird taste I'm not suprised that the RR get a lot of votes, but it does suprise me that the X5 has only 2 votes....
  7. well???? all have pro's and con's... IMO the X5 beats the hell out of all of 'em.....
  8. Vorden

    Racing Acronyms

    (keeps a mirror in front of Bobs nose)
  9. That was what i thought when i saw the BTCC race this afternoon..... I LOVE the two round 'holes' in the nose, on the bottom.... Only the rear wing can 'distroy' its looks...
  10. well... for those of you who dont know it and are to lazy to search for a pic, this is it: http://www.peugeot.co.uk/images/newcars/co...6_Coupe_V6_.jpg beauty huh? well... Peugot UK has deceided to race it in the BTCC... http://www.peugeot.co.uk/motorsport/images/car_7.jpg mmmmmm.......
  11. The main thing is that you are willing to stay home for F1.... It cool, cause some GP's are at 4 am for me -> go out on saturday, get home drunk with a few friends, sit down and watch the race drunk.... I love F1!!!!
  12. Williams aint the 3rd team.... McLaren is going to be 3rd!!!
  13. The VR6 is a V6 with a VERY small angle. (i believe 10 or 12 degrees...)
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