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  1. Sorry Inno, came here by accident. All the old-school members are at the site Saabman posted....hope to see you there... Later
  2. Hey what the fu*k else is new, no one likes it. Yo, seriously for a bunch of "Sportcar" enthusiasts you guys make yourselves out to be, you sure can never seem to appreciate the vitality of a legend like the Esprit or Lotus as a whole. Don't whine like a baby....
  3. Funny concept I wonder how long till that system gets adapeted to some Hot-rod and they end up pulling like 1.5 G's on the skidpad!!! Hot Rod only have to drive straight
  4. I disagree. Indeed Mini's were a bit crude, but the concept of the car was never shown before, and revolutionary for it's time. Look how big the mini-car sector is these days. Oldfashioned isn't a fitting description IMO.
  5. Bull, the way you reason the V8 is the most efficient engine there is. A 800 hp V12 will run easier than a 800 hp V8 at higher speeds... V8's are no better or worse than any other line-up...
  6. The engine is a tuned 4.6 liter Ford engine. I would go for the Qvalewhich at least has italian style. On TV the handling was praised. The Panoz looks too tame IMO...
  7. - Larger tires cause faster aquaplaning, that's a fact - Kurenai, if you reason like that you actually compare different setups with different purposes
  8. Can you be more specific, I'm damn curious
  9. Thanks, I didn't know that...learned another thing today, I can sleep happy now.... btw, the spoiler on the Supra rules....
  10. Which car gets better gasmileage in the city, with much acceleration and deceleration, a NA 4-cyl. or a V8 ? It's not like the V8 is the most economic engine in the world...othrwise econo-cars would have V8's, right ???
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