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  1. LotusGT1


    Sorry Inno, came here by accident. All the old-school members are at the site Saabman posted....hope to see you there... Later
  2. LotusGT1

    ESPRIT gets new rear! Look how hot!

    Hey what the fu*k else is new, no one likes it. Yo, seriously for a bunch of "Sportcar" enthusiasts you guys make yourselves out to be, you sure can never seem to appreciate the vitality of a legend like the Esprit or Lotus as a whole. Don't whine like a baby....
  3. The GT3 you mean was probably the Gemballa GTR600
  4. Funny concept I wonder how long till that system gets adapeted to some Hot-rod and they end up pulling like 1.5 G's on the skidpad!!! Hot Rod only have to drive straight
  5. LotusGT1

    Mini VS Morrin Minor

    My bad, didn't read too carefull...
  6. LotusGT1

    Mini VS Morrin Minor

    I disagree. Indeed Mini's were a bit crude, but the concept of the car was never shown before, and revolutionary for it's time. Look how big the mini-car sector is these days. Oldfashioned isn't a fitting description IMO.
  7. Bull, the way you reason the V8 is the most efficient engine there is. A 800 hp V12 will run easier than a 800 hp V8 at higher speeds... V8's are no better or worse than any other line-up...
  8. LotusGT1

    Panoz Esperante vs Qvale Mangusta

    The engine is a tuned 4.6 liter Ford engine. I would go for the Qvalewhich at least has italian style. On TV the handling was praised. The Panoz looks too tame IMO...
  9. - Larger tires cause faster aquaplaning, that's a fact - Kurenai, if you reason like that you actually compare different setups with different purposes
  10. LotusGT1

    266 mph Viper

    Can you be more specific, I'm damn curious
  11. LotusGT1

    266 mph Viper

    Thanks, I didn't know that...learned another thing today, I can sleep happy now.... btw, the spoiler on the Supra rules....
  12. Which car gets better gasmileage in the city, with much acceleration and deceleration, a NA 4-cyl. or a V8 ? It's not like the V8 is the most economic engine in the world...othrwise econo-cars would have V8's, right ???