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  1. I really don't think it is possible to swap in a 3000 gt V6. ZSimply put, It won't fit.
  2. What i'd like to know how you put a boost controller, and blow off valve on a naturally aspirated engine. boy racer logic......
  3. quoting the fast and the furious blig.... Maybee I could slap a big ole turbo on there I doubt it. I am think about what I can do to upgrade it a little. The engine gets very good torque. It is a 4.9L/ 300 cid Inline six, backed by a 5 speed manual, and a 3.55 posi rear end. Not too bad. The truck wieghs 3700 pounds empty. Still contemplating altezza taillights though.
  4. I'd day GM firethorn red like my GP. For some reason, I really like that color.
  5. Already has a plastic bedliner. I was able to get it early. I picked it up last night. While not a rocketship, the Inline 6 has plenty of grunt behind it.
  6. Banned carmaster again! Leave him alone he is cool.
  7. I am very proud of being an F350 crew member and everything it stands for. I will be picking up MY f150 on thursday. Blig: Not only would your truck count, but ypour olds and camaros count as well. You can be part of the f350 crew.
  8. I think I agree. I may just put a set of 31X10.50 tires on it when the time comes. I really do need it for hauling purposes and airbags and such are expensive so she is going to be stock except for a mild stereo system. CD player, (have one), 12" sub ( have a couple to choose) some new door speakers, and a small 4 channel amp. ( I have to have my tunes)
  9. I have been able to get a verygood deal on a 1992 Ford F150 pickup so I'm buying it. 2wd manual trans and the 4.9 liter 6 cyl. Im going to sell my 86 laser turbo, but keep my dodge and pontiac. Do I slam the truck or keep it stock? I plan on hauling my motorcycles and wuad with it as well as hauling lots od other stuff. Can lowered trucks still haul weight in the bed? Also, should I get clear tailights? I now the lights are a riceboy thing, but they do look ok. Maybee all i'll do is pust a system in it..... I don't know what to do.
  10. I think that straight line performance between the 2 woould be similar, but, with the camaro having the base suspension, would gove up alot in handling.
  11. Thats pretty good. Small block chevy motors are damn cheap to mod. Now only if the old pontiac motors were like that.....
  12. Damn right the spirit R/T is a winner. The only sedan that ford has produced (in the USA)that will even come close to it's performance is the contour SVT, which might outhandle it, but has not a chance in hell straight line, and ford doesn't make another sedan that will touch it. I forgot about the awsome ford tempo/mercury topaz. Now, they are hella sweet cars........... I do respect rustangs though, And pre 96 pick ups.
  13. Blig is right. demon carbs are more race oriented. You would be better off with a Edelbrock, Holley, or carter if you plan on a mild motor.
  14. And a Dodge spirit R/T make 102 HP/liter 12 years ago. When ford was porducing mustangs with V8 which made overall less power then a 4 cylinder less tnah half it's size. GO FORD! Anyway, if they do produce this new ram with the Viper engine. It is about time someone tries to step up. It wont necessairily be that expensive. They don't have to engineer a new engine for the truck. Also, 24" wheels may be possible, but not likely. Dodge already does offer 20"s stock on the current ram 1500's like blig stated before.
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