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    I can imagine so. Yea and with the wind shield it was -33, had to put a heater in the garage to keep the produce from spoiling....
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    -22???? Dang, feels like I'm in a spa now. Currently it's 0. When we were doing the cars, it was like 28. Problem was we had a real bad ice storm and it left like an inch of ice on everything.
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    I want to like this post, but I can't.
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    Hey all - messaging in from Boston, MA where it is 5 degrees. My girlfriend was scraping the ice off her car's windshield and the surrounding area and accidentally broke through the plastic piece the connects the hood and the windshield (see photo attached). I know very little about cars, but am thinking that it is probably imperative that I get this covered up, as the hole is leaving the engine exposed to some pretty brutal conditions. However, the car is completely snowed in so taking it into the shop isn't really an option. Any ideas on how to cover it up in the meantime? Thanks!!!
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    If your first post involves a link, then you might want to rethink that first post. We are not a place to drop links and advertise your blog, store or whatever. It is a discussion forum, not a classified. We do have a classified section that you can use but read the rules in that forum.
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    @MatthewPR Whew, that's a pain! Went down to -22 last night here in On, Canada. What's the temperature like down where you are at?
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    This Glue can do wonders I fell your pain, I'm down in Ashford, CT. Weather's been brutal last few days. My dad and I had to run all the cars while cleaning off the windows. Took like half an hour for each car.
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    If you have the broken pieces they can probably be glued back in. A bit of 5 minute epoxy and a some piecing the puzzle pieces together would be the cheapest option.
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    Welcome to Carforums and thanks for joining us!
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    Jeep Brand Director Provides Update on Production and Deliveries -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jeep brand director, Scott Tallon, told the media at the Detroit Auto Show that the Gladiator is on schedule to hit showrooms by the end of June. This is slightly later than most JGF users have been expecting, but we now have a more up-to-date estimate of when to expect the Gladiator on dealer lots, and soon after, on- and off-road!
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    Celebrated the New Year by doing some off-roading and spending time with the family...your turn...
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    Welcome. That's a hard decision. I'd opt for the Optima...lol
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    Welcome to the site...
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    Very nice to see your post. It's really good and enough information.
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    Yes, it's a newer model of the Honda Accord. Why?
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    Whew... Thanks Steve, that spam was driving me crazy. Posting in the off-topic section alone he was already up to a thousand posts with the "Ultimate Member" title. @Steve Yum! For the Admin, spam is tasty. 🤣 lol
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    CarForums isn't DEAD.....if anything your post is dead, it misleads a fellow-man to a DEAD-END!
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    This forum doesn't even exist. So how can it then be more active???
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