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    I'm planning to buy a new electric car. Because gas prices are so high these days. Do any of you have a test drive of electric cars for me? Thank you so much
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    Hello everyone I am in Dubai and want to buy a new tires for BMW but I am confuse from where and how to buy new and good quality tires can any one suggest me and help me out from this.
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    Global positioning technology - what3words was introduced at CES in early January 2022, this is the first time what3words technology has been integrated on electric vehicles. This technology is being used in e-commerce sites, easily and economically, surprisingly without a network connection. At CES, the car company from Vietnam introduced 5 electric cars in all 5 segments. They are trying to penetrate the US market while stopping the production of gasoline-powered cars, even though it's a major source of income in Vietnam. They also guarantee a warranty of 10 years or 124,000 miles. I haven't seen seen them accept orders for their VF 8 and VF 9 yet. I would like a test drive to get a feeling for their cars and I want to hear some expert reviews to see if this is a car worth buying in the future.
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    VinFast electric car company has just said that according to statistics as of 14:00 on January 6, it has received 11,685 orders for two electric car models VF 8 and VF 9, establishing an unprecedented record with an average of nearly 2,000 orders per hour. As of 14:00 on January 6, VinFast has received 11,685 orders for two electric car models VF 8 and VF 9 Of the 11,685 orders recorded, there are 7,591 orders (about 65%) for VF 8 and 4,094 orders (about 35%) for VF 9. Social media today is flooded with screenshots of successful orders. In addition to beautiful designs, smart technologies and impressive parameters, the VF 8 and VF 9 also surprise with attractive prices and offers. Of the 11,685 orders recorded, there are 7,591 orders (about 65%) for VF 8 and 4,094 orders (about 35%) for VF 9. It is known that VinFast VF8 has a starting price of 41,000 USD in the US, about 36,100 euros when sold in Europe and 961 million VND in Vietnam. Meanwhile, VinFast VF9 is priced from 56,000 USD in the US, 49,280 euros in Europe and from 1,312 billion VND in Vietnam. The program “VinFirst – Pioneers appreciate the Pioneers” with the above attractive incentives will be extended until the end of April 6, 2022.
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    Here is a list of (reasonable) cars I could get next year. Acura Integra GS-R...maybe Type R BMW M3 (E36) Chevy Camaro Z28 (red neck car but its fast as crap) Chevy Corvette C4 Ford Mustang GT (not exactly high-class..but better than a Z28) 1995 Mazda RX7 Nissan 300zx TT Pontiac Firebid T/A (a mean looking, tire burner) Porsche 968 Toyota Celica GT-S (better be in yellow like the Ultimate Celica) 1994 Toyota Supra TT What do you guys think will be a phat ride? and which do you think will get the most pu$$y? lol..sorry for the "crude language"..lol
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    Hello everyone! I would like to open a discussion on reliability of different luxury brands. Does it really matter or people just buy them because of well-known brand ? I have experience in driving Land Rover for a few years now and had a few issues with the car, however I still want to buy the next one.... You could also go and complete 1 minute survey about this topic, the link is attached. https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/2PVXJN3
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    Tesla Model 3 adalah mobil sedan empat pintu Amerika dengan penggerak roda belakang atau empat, tempat duduk untuk lima orang dalam keadaan darurat, dan layar sentuh di dalamnya. Tentu, itu semua-listrik, tapi hampir tidak terdengar Kesepakatan Besar Terverifikasi, bukan? Tapi Tesla Model 3 adalah salah satu kesepakatan besar terpenting di abad ke-21 sejauh ini. Ini adalah mobil entry-level terjangkau yang telah lama ditunggu-tunggu dari Tesla, dirancang untuk mengambil mobil-mobil terlaris seperti BMW Seri 3, Audi A4, dan Mercedes C-Class, belum lagi sepupu listrik mereka yang lambat. Dan berkat viral Tesla, status nama rumah tangga dan ambisi fitur mobil, Model 3 telah menjadi fenomena. Itu duduk di bawah sedan Model S di kisaran, dan dalam kedok Standard Range Plus, dengan harga mulai £ 40.490. Itu memberi Anda penggerak roda belakang, dan jangkauan 278 mil yang diklaim antara kunjungan ke Supercharger publik, atau wallbox rumah Anda. Di atas itu dalam urutan '3' ada dua versi penggerak semua roda: Jarak Jauh (baik hingga 360 mil), dan Kinerja, yang mengorbankan jarak beberapa mil tetapi akan berlari lebih cepat dari Lamborghini Huracan hingga nasional batas kecepatan. Sesuatu untuk semua orang, lalu… Garis model ini benar pada saat penulisan (Januari 2021) tetapi Tesla memiliki kebiasaan membuat dan mematikan level trim mau tak mau - di sini hari ini, hilang besok. Dan harga telah lama merayap menjauh dari target pertengahan £ 30k yang pernah dibanggakan. Bukan berarti itu menghentika tesla model 3 harga nmenjadi mobil listrik terlaris di Inggris pada tahun 2020. Sesuai dengan semua Tesla - dan sebagian besar mobil listrik - Model 3 didukung oleh lempengan baterai lithium-ion yang dipasang di lantai mobil, di mana mereka terlindungi dengan baik dari kecelakaan dan sangat rendah untuk menjaga pusat gravitasi tetap terkendali. Itu berarti Anda mendapatkan boot kedua (frunk atau froot, pilih istilah kargo bias depan Anda) di bagian hidung, yang berguna untuk menyimpan kabel pengisi daya yang kotor.
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    Subaru BRZ earns top marks in four out of five IIHS crashworthiness evaluations. It is fun to drive, has great handling dynamics, and quick enough comfy seats. Get the most updated deals and offers from the most Trusted Subaru Dealership in Albuquerque NM.
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    I recommend Nokiantires for everyone. You can just search from google name "tire" or Nokiantires in Dubai or something and it gives you retailers. Also other brands can suit you but here you can check the right size easily. thehttps://www.nokiantires.com/ there you can check the reviews and check the right size etc..
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    Youtube will help you my friend. Just watch tons of videos, then build up your experience and tools slowly. Start with small tasks, such as fluid changes and headlight bulb changes, things like that. You're lucky you have the space though.....I have a sloped dirt driveway and that's it. If I want to do work, most of the time I have to drive to a parking lot and do it there.
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    I can imagine so. Yea and with the wind shield it was -33, had to put a heater in the garage to keep the produce from spoiling....
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    -22???? Dang, feels like I'm in a spa now. Currently it's 0. When we were doing the cars, it was like 28. Problem was we had a real bad ice storm and it left like an inch of ice on everything.
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    I want to like this post, but I can't.
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    I have a radio controlled 1/10 scale Mitsubishi Lancer, does that count?
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09W+GaussView 6.0.16 Advanced Logic Technology WellCAD 5.3 DICAD STRAKON Premium 2020.1 Substance Alchemist 2020.1 Quick Terrain Modeller 8.2.0 Photogrammetria ScanIMAGER Standard Plus v3.2.0.1 Altair SimLab 2019.3 Home Designer Pro/Architectural/Suite 2021 v22.1 Ziva Dynamics Ziva VFX 1.8 x64 for Maya HydroComp.NavCAD.2022.v9.05 DesignCAD 3D Max 2019 v28.0 Siemens Star CCM+2020.1.0 AviCAD 2020 Pro 20.0 Alchemy Catalyst 2019 SP1 v13.1 Materialise ProPlan CMF 3.0.1 Pix4Dmapper Enterprise 4.4.12 CSoft WiseImage Pro 20.0.1 DATAKIT CrossManager 2020.1 CSiDetail 18.1.1 Build 1050 F-Chart Engineering Equation Solver Pro 9.478-3D EMTPWorks (EMTP-RV) 4.1 Bentley WaterGEMS CONNECT Edition v10.02.03.06 CAXA CAD 2020 V20.0 NovoSPT 3.0.2019.1208 CorelCAD 2020.0 Extensis GeoExpress Unlimited v10.01 Hot Door CADtools 12.1.2 for Adobe Illustrator Win Materialise Magics 25.02 Schlumberger WellBook Stimulation & CTS 9.0 Mentor Graphics HyperLynx VX.2.6 Bentley WaterCAD CONNECT Edition Landmark Geographix Discovery 2019.1 SmartPLS Professional 3.2.8 ADINA System 9.5.4 Companion by Minitab (Quality Companion) Proteus Professional 8.9 SP2 CADMATE Professional 2020 Bentley StormCAD CONNECT Edition Update 2 v10.02.03.03 Tanner Tools 2019.2 Simcore Processing Modflow X 10.0.23 DS SIMULIA Suite (Abaqus/Isight/fe-safe/Tosca)2020 Engissol 2D Frame Analysis 4.9 / Cross Section Analysis & Design 4.2 CST STUDIO SUITE 2020 Gray Technical Excel Draw 3.0.9 CAMWorks ShopFloor 2020 AnyLogic Professional 8.5.1 DS SIMULIA Wave6 2019.10.4 Rizom-Lab RizomUV Real / Virtual Space 2019.0 ESI ITI SimulationX Pro 4.1.1 CivilGEO GeoHECRAS Valentina Studio Pro 9.7.3 EFICAD SWOOD 2019 SP3 for SOLIDWORKS 2010-2020 Concepts NREC 8.9.X (2021.03) Suite crack ECS FEMFAT 5.4/FEMFAT-LAB 3.12 CADopia Pro 2019 v19.1 Altair Activate/Compose/Embed 2019-12-03 Machining Strategist 2020.1 Trimble Inpho UASMaster 9.2.1 Keysight SystemVue 2020 SideFX Houdini FX 18.0 Siemens FEMAP 2020.1 with NX Nastran Dassault Systemes DraftSight Premium 2019 DS SIMULIA Simpack 2020 Lindo LINGO 18.0.4 3DCS Variation Analyst for NX/CATIA/Creo/MultiCAD Motor-CAD Motorcad 15.1.2 AVL Simulation Suite 2019 R2 Itasca UDEC version 2022 SIMBEOR 2018.03 Artlantis 2020 v9.0.2 THESEUS-FE 7.1.5 LimitState:GEO 3.5 Build 22974 CSiXRevit 2020 OpenRail Designer CONNECT Edition 2018 v10.06.00.38 RISA-3D 17.0.4 Bentley Hammer Connect Edition Update 2 v10.02.02.06 OptiCut (Pro-PP Drillings) 6.25d Mentor Graphics Xpedition Enterprise VX.2.6 Palisade DecisionTools Suite 7.5.1 IBM ILOG CPLEX Enterprise Server 12.9 rapidlasso LAStools Suite 2019 Designer-NOISE Cadence Design Systems Sigrity 2019 v19 Waterloo Hydrogeologic Visual MODFLOW Flex 6.1 Red Giant Trapcode Suite 15.1.5 easescreen X19.0 Marvelous Designer 9 Enterprise 5.1 nanoCAD Pro 11.0 Siemens Simcenter Testlab 2019.1 Rocscience Dips 7.016 Altair Inspire Studio 2019.3 Lighting Analysts AGi32 v19.10 DeskProto 7.0 Revision 9132 Multi-Axis Edition PTC Arbortext Editor 8 HEEDS MDO 2019.1.2 Lixoft Monolix Suite 2019R2 PTC Mathcad Prime 6.0.0 FlexLogger 2019 R4 FARO BuildIT Construction 2018.5 SP2 CSI Italia VIS Concrete Design 12.1 Tower Numerics tnxFoundation Aquaveo SMS Premium 13.0.10 SIMetrix SIMPLIS Elite 8.20l AppSpider Pro SynaptiCAD Product Suite 20.42 Esri CityEngine 2019 Furgo Jason 10.0.2 Mindjet MindManager 2020 v20.0 Softbits Flaresim 5.3.0 Build 1379 Envirosim Biowin 6.2.7 GeoModeller v2023 GAMS 28.2.0 faro scene 2022 MSC Simufact Forming 16.0 SuperPro Designer 10 Build 7 IVCAD 3.7 SST Systems CAEPIPE 10.00 F.I.R.S.T. CONVAL 10.5.1 Outotec HSC Chemistry ChemMaths 17.5 Tower Numerics tnxTower RISATower Hexagon PPM COADE CADWorx 2019 v19 Siemens SIMOTION SCOUT TIA 5.3 SP1 NextLimit RealFlow + for Cinema 4D IBM SPSS Statistics 26.0 IF006 Red Giant Shooter Suite 13.1.9 DLTCAD 2018 R3.3 SEQUENCE PILOT SeqPilot 5.0 Mechanical Simulation CarSim 2019.0 Siemens Simcenter PreSCAN 2019.2 Siemens Simcenter Amesim 2019.1 Win-Linux x64 FANUC LADDER-III 8.0 Altair Flow Simulator 19.1 OpenSeesPL 2.7.6 SoftGenetics NextGENe SigmaPlot v14.0 Partek Genomics Suite 7.18.0723 SAP Crystal Reports 2016 SP07 DLUBAL Craneway 8.19.01 DotSoft ToolPac Silvaco TCAD 2018 Windows / Linux MSC Dytran 2019.0 Space Engine Skyline TerraExplorer Pro v7.3 Simlab Composer 9.1.22 JewelCAD Pro 2.2.3 Build 20190416 RIBtec v19.0 SVIBS ARTeMIS Modal AASHTOWare Pavement ME Design 2013 v1.3.28 Avenir HeatCAD MJ8 Edition 2019 v19 SilhouetteFX Silhouette 7.5.4 Merrick MARS 2019.2 IMSI TurboCAD Deluxe 2019 26.0 CPFD Barracuda VR 17.4.0 MiniTAB Quality Companion 5.3 Altova MissionKit Enterprise 2018 R2 SP1 CorelDRAW Technical Suite 2019 v21.2.0 RomaxDesigner R17 Thinkbox Deadline CWC WoodWorks Design Office v11.1 SolidPlant 3D 2018 R1.2.5 for SOLIDWORKS InnovMetric PolyWorks Metrology Suite 2019 IR2 InnovMetric PolyWorks Itasca FLAC / FLAC / Slope 8.0.454 Leica MineSight 11.00-5 Build 71065-395 Arqcom CAD-Earth 6.0 for AutoCAD Noesis Optimus 2019.1 SP1 EPCON API Tech Data Book Marmoset Toolbag 3.08 ARANZ Leapfrog Hydro v2.8.3 Futuremark 3DMark 2.9.6631 IMSI DesignCAD 3D Max 2019 28.0 Release 31.05.2019 Hardmesh Tools 2.2.1 for Maya 2017-2018 BSI FB-MultiPier v5.5 CoolUtils Total CAD Converter NI Circuit Design Suite 14.2 Infolytica Products 2018 Suite Golaem Crowd 7.0.1 for Maya 2016-2019 Hexagon PPM COADE CAESAR II 2019 v11 PiXYZ Studio Batch 2019.1.1.8 ESI VA One 2018.0 Minitab 19.1 Xilinx Vivado Design Suite 2019.1 Arena Simulation 15.10 DPT ThinkDesign 2019.1 Pro PVSOL Premium 2023R3 midas nGen 2019 v1.3 2018.11.02 x64 Fixed + Drawing PowerWorld Simulator 20 Vero RADAN 2020.0.1920 Nemetschek SCIA Engineer 2019 v19.0.60 ThermoSientific FEI AVIZO 2019.1 DesignBuilder GEO5 Fem / Stratigraphy 2019.14 v2.0 Visual Micro Arduino IDE for Visual Studio/Atmel 1905.29.0 Gearotic Motion 3.03000 Itasca PFC Suite version 2022 Anylogistix Studio Crystal Impact Diamond 4.5.3 Insight Numerics Detect3D v2.43 Terrasolid Suite 2019 v19 for Bentley Microstation Flowerfire Sawmill Enterprise Howden Group Pumpsim Premium KONGSBERG LedaFlow Engineering 3DCS Variation Analyst for CATIA V5 R20-29 V-Ray Next 4.x for 3ds Max , Maya & Other Softwares Phoenix FD 3.14.00 3ds Max 2014-2020 LabVIEW NXG 3.1.1 NI LabView 2019 v19.0.0 Bentley SewerGEMS CONNECT Edition Update 2 v10.02 Intergraph PV Elite 2019 SP1 v21.0.1 Vero ALPHACAM 2020.0.1920+ Desinger Chasm Consulting VentSim Premium Design OpendTect 6.6.8 Schlumberger OLGA 2022 Gen Gen 2019 v2.2 Build 2019.05.03 Chief Architect Interiors X11 21.2 SAP 3D Visual Enterprise Author 9.0.6 Data Studio EM 2.3 / 5D Planner 14 / OP 2.3 / RM 1.4 / UG 2.1 / EPS 3.0 / NPV Scheduler 4.30 EMTPWorks 3.0 + ScopeView R2014a Trimble Tekla Structures 2022 SP5 build 19589 VariCAD 2019 v2.03 Mead SoilWorks 2016 v1.1 Build 2018.10 midas Design+ 2019 v2.1 Build 2019.01.10 Enfocus PitStop Pro 2019 v19.0 Tableau Desktop Pro 2019.1.3 GeoGebra 6.0 Materialise Magics 25.02 Mead Dshop 2019 v1.1 Build 2019.08.30 Elcad / Aucoplan 2019 v17.14 RapidMiner Studio Developer 9.2.1 MindGenius 2019 v8.0.1.7051 tnxTower Intergraph SmartPlant Review 2017 Meteororm BricsCAD Ultimate 23.1.05-1 Pix4D Pix4Dmapper Pro 2.0.1 Umetrics SIMCA 14.1 Vero Surfacm V2020 Siemens LMS Virtual.Lab 13.10 Keysight Model Builder Program (MBP) 2019 Keysight Model Quality Assurance (MQA) 2019 ESurvey CADD 13.5 GeoStru Products 2019-03-25 Mentor Graphics PADS Standard Plus VX2.5 Mentor Graphics FloEFD 2019.1.0.4540 Suite I-GIS GeoScene3D Csimsoft Treli Pro 16.5.4 Realtime Landscaping Architect 2018 v18.03 Altium Nexus 2.0.10 Mentor Graphics FloTHERM Suite 12.2 Siemens NX 1855 RockWare LogPlot 8.0 Revision 2019.02.28 MITCalc v1.74 SolidWorks Premium 2019 SP2 AutoForm Plus R7.0.5.1 ioAnalytics ioGAS 7.0 build 1043 HanGil IT AStrutTie 2017 v2.0 HBM nCode 2019.0 Stoner Pipeline Simulator(SPS) v10.7 The Foundry Mari 4.2v2 FunctionBay RecurDyn V9R2 v9.2 SPI SheetMetalWorks 2019.0 x64 for SolidWorks Engineered Software PIPE-FLO Pro 2018 v16.1.4 Engineered Software PUMP-FLO 10 Build 15025 midas GTS NX 2019 v1.1 Build 2019.01.10 Zemax Opticstudio v2022 r2.0 Four Dimension Technologies GeoTools 19.16 ACD Systems Canvas X 2019 GIS 19.0.333 Altium Vault 3.0.14 Siemens SIMATIC WinCC 7.5 Bentley MicroStation PowerDraft CONNECT Edition 10.11 Itasca Griddle 1.0.5 for Rhinoceros 5.x HSPiP 5.1.03 Siemenes PLM Teamcenter 12.1 v2018 MacKichan Scientific Workplace 6.0.29 MegadNGen 2019 v1.3 2018.11.02 Willmer Project Tracker 4.5.1 Dynaform 6.2 GrindEQ Math Utilities 2019 Hexagon PPM COADE TANK 2017 SP1 v9.00.01 Knowledge Base Civil Designer 2018 v8.2 Lumion Pro 8.5 ANSYS 2022 Itasca FLAC3D version 2022 Geocentrix Repute 2.5 Update 2 Enterprise Edition Unity Pro 2018.3.1f1 GAMS Distribution 25.1.3 QSR NVivo Plus Simcenter Flomaster 2021.1 COSMOlogic COSMOthermX 18.0.1 MID FEA 2016 v1.1 Build 2018-11-13 AntennaMagus Professional 2019 ER / Studio Data Architect 17.1.0 Bentley Pointools Connect Edition 10.01 ProSim Simulis Thermodynamics (ProPhyPlus) SolidCAM 2019 SP0 Bentley RM Bridge Enterprise CONNECT Edition ATENA Masonry earthQuake (AmQuake) 3.8.14998 Thunderhead Engineering PetraSim 2018.1.0925 Mentor Graphics FloVent 10.1 Update 1 GoldSim Technology Group GoldSim 12.1.1 Bentley ProStructures CONNECT Edition 10.02 CADWorx 2019 v19 GTA NX 2019 v1.1 Build 20180920 x64 iMindMap Ultimate 10.1 Technodigit 3DReshaper (Meteor) 2018 v18.0 StairDesigner Pro 7.10 Multilingual 3DF Zephyr Aerial 4.300 Stat-Ease Design-Expert 11.1 WipWare WipFrag CIMCO Software 8.05 NUMECA HEXPRESS/Hybrid 8.1 NUMECA FINE/Turbo 13.1 CAESES FRIENDSHIP-Framework 4.4.0 Flowcode Professional IKITSystems iKITMovie v4.0 Avanquest Architect 3D Ultimate Plus Schlumberger OilField Manager (OFM) 2022 4M IDEA Architecture19 proDAD Heroglyph Twinmotion 2019.0.15900 ABViewer Enterprise Bentley LEAP Bridge Steel/Concrete CONNECT Edition Bentley gINT CONNECT Edition Professional Plus Hydromantis CapdetWorks 2.5d / GPS-X 7.0.1 Mentor Graphics FloTHERM XT 3.3 FEST3D 2018.02.00 Graebert ARES Commander Edition 2018 v18.3.1 FlowJo 10.5.3 Geotomo RES2DINV 4.8.10 / RES3DINV 3.14.21 SpeedTree Modeler 8.1.5 Siemens SIMATIC STEP 7 Professional 2017 SR1 iThoughts FracMan 7.7 Trimble Tekla Structures 2022 SP5 build 19589 3D-Tool 13.20 Premium Bentley RAM Structural System CONNECT Edition StataCorp Stata MP 15.1 VentSim Premium Design TASS Internationa PreSCAN 8.4 CSC ESR-GSR v4.0 Alibre Design Expert 2018.0.1 DS CADAM Drafting V5-6R2018 SP2 Nanotube Modeler 1.7.9 R&L CAD Services Plate n Sheet v4.12.12e CGSLabs 2017 build 2058 for AutoCAD Bikesim 2.0 EndNote X9 Build 12062 Win/Mac Honeywell UniSim Design Suite R460.1 PipeFlow Expert 2016 v7.40 Piping Systems FluidFlow 3.44 Altair HyperWorks 2018 Suite Primavera P6 Professional 17.7 MecSoft RhinoCAM 2018 v8.0.28/8.0.425 for Rhino6 Agilent Keysight IC-CAP 2018 Chartwell Yorke Autograph 4.0.12 Trimble TILOS v10.1 cadence virtuoso ic 618 Intergraph SmartPlant Spoolgen 2014 R1 Swiss Academic Citavi 5.7.1 Visuino Geometric Glovius Pro solidThinking Inspire 2018.3 Bentley STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition 21 / Foundation 08.04 / RCDC FE V8i v02 Bentley SACS CONNECT Edition 12 Build DriveWorks Pro v16 SP0 for SolidWorks 2010-2018 x86/x64 MSC Apex Harris Hawk SP1 x64 + Documentation Golden Software Didger 5.11.1438 DEM Solutions EDEM 2018 v4.0.0 x64 Siemens Solid Edge 2019 QPS Fledermaus 8.5.2 Bentley GEOPAK Civil Engineering Suite V8i v08.11.09.903 QPS Qimera v2.5.1 Magicplot Systems MagicPlot Pro 2.7.2 COMFAR III Expert 3.3A PTC Arbortext Advanced Print Publisher 11.2 M020 x86/x64 Materialise Mimics medical v25 RISA Suite Build Date 2018-06-16 Bentley STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition / Foundation / RCDC PSE gPROMS ModelBuilder 4.20 CAESES 4.3.1 x86/x64 solidThinking Suite 2018-06-09 Windows Geovia Surpac 2023 CarSim 2017.1 x86/x64 Bentley CivilStorm CONNECT Edition x64 Bentley Multiframe CONNECT Edition x64 Ansys.Lumerical.2023 Scientific Toolworks Understand 5.0.943 Windows/Linux/macOS Bentley SewerCAD CONNECT Edition ATIR STRAP / BEAMD 2018 eDrawings Pro 2017 Suite Build 2018-05-12 DS Simulia (Next Limit) xFlow 2017x Win/Linux Artlantis Studio Win / macOS Akcelik SIDRA Intersection KAPPA Emeraude 2.42.10 Midland Valley Move 2018.1.23920 x64 FIRST Conval RISA Technologies 2018 Suite Geometric DFMPro 5.0 for NX/SolidWorks/ProE WildFire/Creo 2018-04-09 Vectric PhotoVCarve 1.102 x86 JCT Consultancy LinSig S-FRAME Product Suite 2017 Enterprise Room Arranger x86/x64 + Portable OkMap Desktop 13.10.5 Multilingual StructurePoint Concrete Software Solutions 2 2018-04-13 Control Station Loop-Pro Tuner 1.9.5879.20182 Intetech Electronic Corrosion Engineer 5.4.0 Wild Ginger Software Cameo v6 NewTek LightWave 3D 2018.0.3 Win / macOS Chasm Consulting PumpSim Premium Watercom DRAINS 2018.01 devDept Eyeshot Ultimate 11.0.433 WinForms / WPF Trimble Tekla Structures 2022 SP5 build 19589 Paulin Research Group (PRG) 2018 JOA JewelSuite Enterprise 2011 v2.1.42.0 Cisco NX-OS Titanium 6.2.1 Image for Virtual Box GNS3 6.2.1 Vectric Aspire 9.015 + Portable + Bonus Clipart Flow Science FLOW-3D CAST Advanced x64 IES Building Suite 2018 x64 Golden Software MapViewer 8.6.651 ContextCapture Master CONNECT Edition V4 Update 8 v04.04.08.561 DZED Dragonframe 4.0.2 x64 3DQuickForm 3.3.2 for SolidWorks 2009-2018 Print2CAD 2018 18.27 (x64) Multilingual Tibco Statistica 13.3.0 x86/x64 Siemens PLM NX 12.0.1 Windows/Linux Siemens NX Nastran 12.0.1 Windows/Linux Synopsys Synplify with Design Planner L-2016.03-SP1 TopSolid 7.12 + Textures Library SysCAD StataCorp Stata 14.2 (Revision 30 Jan, 2018) Widnows/Linux Golden Software Voxler 4.3.771 x86/x64 ADAPT PT / RC 2015.0 ESAComp 4.7.015 x86 + ComPoLyX 1.2 x64 Intuit QuickBooks Enterprise Accountant 18.0 R4 VoluMill for NX 12.0 x64 Techware Engineering Suite 4.0: Air/Gas/XLInterp/WinSteam Vero ALL 2018 R1 Visual Micro Arduino for Visual Studio/Atmel 1.1801.27 CEI EnSight Gold 10.2.3c for Windows / Linux / macOS CYPE Professional 2017m Leica LISCAD 12.0 Wolfram SystemModeler 5.0.0 Windows/Linux/macOS Weatherford Field Office 2011 + WellFlo 2015 v6.1.0.3494 fe-safe 2018 Windows/Linux DS SIMULIA Isight 2018 Windows/Linux Simplify3D 4.0.1 Windows/Linux/macOS Intergraph CADWorx 2018 v18.0.0 x86/x64 Software Companions GerbView 7.71 x86/x64 Hypermill 2022.2 CopperCAM v25032016 QlikView Desktop Edition 12.20 / Server 11.20 x64 Power Surfacing RE 2.4-4.2 for SolidWorks 2012-2018 x64 CerebroMix x86-x64 MAXSURF CONNECT Edition V23 Update 6 Intergraph CAESAR II 2018 v10.00.00.7700 Siemens NX I-DEAS 6.6 (x86) Multilingual EMWorks HFWorks 2017 SP0.2 for SolidWorks 2011-2018 x64 EMWorks EMS 2017 SP1.4 for SolidWorks 2011-2018 x64 Bentley RAM Elements CONNECT Edition v14.00.01.08 BIMware MASTER Suite 2017 Transoft Solutions AutoTURN Pro 3D v9.0.3.316 Indigo Renderer 4.0.61 x64 Beta Win / 4.0.50 macOS CMYE CYMCAP v9.0 SprutCAM 2007 Q-Chem 5.0.1 Linux x64 SketchUp Pro 2018 18.0.16975 + Portable / macOS DS BIOVIA Discovery Studio 2016 v16.1.0 Bentley MicroStation Connect Edition Update 7 v10.07.00.39 x64 Tree Star FlowJo X 10.0.7 R2 / 10.0.4 Win/Mac/Linux Hydrology Studio 2017 v1.0.0.0 Paradigm Geolog 2022 Konekt ELECTRA 6.44 Advanced Design System (ADS) 2017 x64 Flaretot Pro Eleco ArCon 18.0.2 Ultimate French CGG Fugro Jason PowerLog v3.3 PDE Solutions FlexPDE 7.07 x64 KAPPA Ecrin 5.3.1 Bentley Navigator V8i SS5 v08.11.09.536 Zeataline Projects Pipedata-Pro Portable Mentor Graphics IE3D 15.0 Abvent Artlantis Studio Win / macOS ASDIP Structural Foundation 3.2.3 Zuken Cadstar 16.0 x86/x64 TTI Pipeline Toolbox 2017 v18.1.0 Liquid / Gas AFT Mercury 7.0 BioSolveIT SeeSAR 6.1 x86 Megatech MegaCAD 3D 2016 x86 / x64 Pitney Bowes MapInfo Pro 16.0.2 Build 205 x64 Nanjing Swansoft CNC Simulator MSC Apex Grizzly 2017 x64 + Documentation RETScreen Expert Multilingual AutoDWG PDF to DWG Converter 2017 TeeChart for .NET 2017 v4.1.2017.03147 ChemDoodle 8.0.1 Win / macOS / Linux IHS Kingdom Suite Advanced 2017.0 x64 Bentley Substation V8i SS8 v08.11.13.140 Update 2 Oasys Software Suite 14.1 Windows/Linux x64 ARM DS-5 Development Studio 5.27.0 Win/Linux Flow Science FLOW-3D 11.2 Update 2 Win64 / Linux64 Sawmill Enterprise for Windows / Linux / macOS Keil MDK-ARM 5.24a / C51 v9.56 / C166 v7.56 / C251 v5.59 PC SCHEMATIC Automation AIMAll Professional 10.05.04 Zeataline Pipe Support Pro v4.2.2 Schneider Electric SimSci PRO/II 10.0 / DYNSIM 5.3.2 / INPLANT 4.3.0 / HEXTRAN 9.2 / PIPEPHASE 9.6.0 TracePro 7.3.4 Expert / Bridge x86 + Documentation Efofex FX Graph 6.002.3 + Portable AVEVA Engineering 14.1 SP1 AVEVA Instrumentation Electrical 12.1 SP3 Avenir LoopCAD MJ8 Edition 2014 v5.0.03 IMOLD V13 SP4.2 Premium for SolidWorks 2011-2017 Visible Body Anatomy and Physiology 1.5.04 AVEVA Review x64 MSC Sinda 2014.0 with toolkit Trimble GPS Pathfinder Office 5.85 Senergy Interactive Petrophysics v4.2.2013.275 Datamine Studio EM 2.1 / OP 2.1 / RM 1.3 / UG 1.0 PC Progress HYDRUS 2D/3D Pro 2.04.0580 AGI Systems Tool Kit (STK) 11.2 x64 CD-Adapco STAR-CD 4.26.011 LizardTech GeoExpress Unlimited x86 / x64 Audax Ceph v6.2 COSMOlogic TURBOMOLE 2016 v7.1 x64 Polymath Professional 6.10 Build 260 Truncad 3DGenerator 13.0.21 MultiLanguage MeshCAM Pro 6 Build 27 NeiWorks 2.1 SP1.0 for SolidWorks 2008-2015 x86/x64 Geomagic for SolidWorks 2017 Nirvana Technologies PLUS 2D Metal/Glass/Wood 10.52 AVEVA PDMS 12.1 SP4.29 QbD Risk Assessment 1.4.3 Forsk Atoll 3.4 TNO DIANA FEMGV 7.2-01 x64 Moldex3D 2020 ISD HiCAD and HELiOS 2017 x64 masterSERIES 2011.04.27 BITControl Aqua Designer 8.0.9 Vensim DSS 6.4E InstruCalc Instrument Sizing Suite 9.0.0 x86/x64 Plexim Plecs Standalone 3.7.5 x86/x64 MSC Simufact Welding 6.0 x64 Altair HyperForm Solista 14.0 Mosek ApS Mosek x86/x64 NEPLAN 5.5.5 KESZ ConSteel 10 SP1 Allen Bradley RSLogix5 v8.0 Clark Labs TerrSet 18.31 Kubotek KeyCreator Direct CAD 13.5.0 x64 TWI RiskWISE for Process Plant Siemens LMS Samcef Field 17.0.01 x64 Micrium uCProbe Professional Edition CSiEDA 5.7.2 CADware Engineering 3D Space TopoLT v11.4.0.1 STEP 7 MicroWIN SP9 + SIMATIC S7-200 Documentation Geosoft acQuire Molegro Virtual Docker 2013 v6.0.1 / Data Modeller 2013 v3.0.1 AcornPipe 8-619 Leapfrog Geo 2022 / Geothermal 3.2 / Hydro 2.6 / Mining 2.6 FLAC3D 5.0 x64 / FLAC 7.00.413 Mentor Graphics HyperLynx SI / PI / Thermal 9.4 x86 / 9.4.1 x64 Bentley AXSYS.Products CONNECT Edition DS SolidWorks PCB 2016 SP5 x86 JMatPro 7.0 x86 inFlow Inventory Premium 2.5.1 PCStitch Pro 11.00.12 + Portable Gerber AccuMark Family + New Crack TWI CrackWise 5.0 R29795 Schneider Electric Vijeo Citect 7.40 x86 + SP1 RUNET BETONexpress 17.01 / 2017 TWI IntegriWISE Bentley Descartes V8i SS5 CSC Orion 18.0 SP3 Standard FESTO FluidSIM 4.5d/1.70 Hydraulics Eos Systems Photomodeler Scanner 2013.0.0.910 x86/x64 Starry Night Pro Plus 7.5.5 macOS MicroSurvey FieldGenius ESI CFD Advanced 2014.0 x86/x64 Microsoft System Center 2016 x86 / x64 ASPEN OneLiner 11.7 Fekete F.A.S.T. FieldNotes Siemens LMS TecWare 3.11 Win/Linux x86 UpToDate 21.6 Offline Win/Mac/Linux/Mobile Latitude Geographics Geocortex Essentials 4.1 ProSim ProPhyPlus 2 v1.14.11.0 DHI-WASY FEFLOW Lift Designer 5.2.22 Corporate Suite StatTransfer x86 Asimptote Cycle-Tempo 5.1.5 Gutrhie Arcv2CAD 7.0 A.19 MicroSurvey CAD 2015 v15.0.3.1574 x86/x64 Cadence IC Design Virtuoso 06.17.702 / MMSIM 15.10.385 Rockwell Software Studio 5000 v28.0 Bentley Power GEOPAK V8i SS4 GT-SUITE 2016 B3 for Windows / Linux Mentor Graphics ModelSim 10.5 ThirdWaveSystems AdvantEdge 7.1 ChemProject 5.2.2 Topcon Tools 8.2.3 + Link 8.2.3 Logopress3 2016 SP0.7 for SolidWorks 2014-2017 x64 Carlson SurvCE 5.01 + Data Collectors TopoGrafix ExpertGPS PRO 5.15 Actix Analyzer 5.5.349.850 x64 ENERCALC Structural Engineerin Library + RetainPro Geovariances ISATIS 2016.1 IvySoft Pipemill 4.0 StructurePoint spMats 8.12 DNV Leak 3.3 StruCalc Carrier HAP 4.90 Leica Mintec MineSight 3D v9.50 Trace Software Elecworks CSC Struds 12 Standard Exel IDL ENVI 8.4 x64 Carlson SurvPC 5.03 FEI Avizo 9.0.1 Win/Mac/Linux FEI Amira 6.0.1 Win/Mac/Linux Optiwave OptiSystem 7.0 ASVIC Mech-Q Full Suite 4.00.013 for AutoCAD 2010-2017 x86/x64 PSIM Professional 9.1.4 x86 Sonnet Suite Pro 13.52 KBC Petro-SIMandSIM Reactor Suite 6.2 Build 1530 / Infochem Multiflash 6.1.25 x86 / x64 AGi32 v14.4.52 GS Engineering & Construction AFES 3.0.070809 Concise Beam 4.59x Geovia MineSched 2022 DIALux evo 6.1 Intergraph TANK 2016 v8.00.00 Korf Hydraulics 3.4 LS-DYNA 971 R7.0.0 x86 / x64 OPC Systems.NET 6.02.0028 x86/x64 Schneider Electric OPC Factory Server 3.50 ArtSoft Mach3 R3.043.066 Gemcom Whittle 2022 PI Expert Suite 9.1.6 x86 / x64 Overland Conveyor Belt Analyst Mentor Graphics Calibre 2015.2 for Linux CarSim / TruckSim 2016.1 x86 / x64 Autodesk 2023 IBM SPSS Amos 24 Multilingual Micro-Cap Elite Software Chvac 7.01.169 CivilFEM v12.0 x86/x64 for Ansys 12 Wonderware InduSoft Web Studio 8.0 LiraLand LIRA-SAPR + SAPFIR 2015 R5 Agilent VEE Pro 9.0 Mentor Tanner EDA Tools 16.30 x64 EMCoS Antenna VLab v1.0.1 Student Version Bentley Power InRoads V8i SS4 Micromine + Examples Neuralog Suite 2015 v15.4.22 SFTC Deform 3D Premiere 11.0 Carlson Precision 3D Topo 2016.2 Ecru RRO100 4.42 Gemcom GEMS 6.8.7 Sivan Design CivilCAD 2014.1.0.0 EPCON CHEMPRO 3DQuickMold 2014 SP2.0 for SolidWorks 2011-2015 Bentley Map Enterprise V8i SS4 Bentley InRoads Suite V8i (SS2) Geosoft Oasis Montaj 8.4 LUSAS Academic 15.0.1 x86/x64 Intergraph SmartPlant Electrical 2015 v07.00.00.0448 CAE Datamine Studio 3.21.7164.0 Itasca 3DEC version 2022 TDM Solutions RhinoGOLD Optitex x86 + Extra Pack LANDWorksCAD Pro 7.0 M.E.P.CAD AutoSPRINK 12.0.51 x64 Wavefunction Spartan 14 v1.1.4 Applied Flow Technology ChemPak Viewer 2.0 Build 2014-12-12 Schlumberger Studio 2022 Geographic Calculator 2017 Build 180417 x86/x64 Schlumberger PetroMod 2022 Schlumberger StimCADE 4.01 Schlumberger AquiferTest 2016.1 Schlumberger Visual MODFLOW Flex 2015.1 v3.0.507.4 x86/x64 Schlumberger Techlog 2022 Schlumberger ECLIPSE v2022.2 Schlumberger.PIPESIM.2022.1.530 Carlson Survey Embedded 2016 Lakes Environmental AUSTAL View 8.6.0 Gexcon FLACS 9.0 Drilling Office 4.0 Fracture Analysis Franc3D 6.0.5 EPLAN Harness proD Studio 2.5 Chempute Instrument Engineering Calculations InstruCalc 6.2.0 IBM SPSS Modeler 18.0 Win/macOS SeisWare 7.04.04 Aqua Designer 7.0 IBM Cognos BI 8.4 Wilcom EmbroideryStudio e3.0 x86 VisSim 6.0 + Addons HyperCube HyperChem Professional 8.0.10 AVL Suite 2016.0 (Workspace Suite 2016.0) SCAD Office (Structure CAD) v21.1.1.1 BarTender Enterprise Automation 2016 Metacomp CFD++ 14.1.1 Remcom XFDTD 64 Next Limit xFlow 2015.96 Code Composer Studio Inus Rapidform XOR3 SP1 Autodata 3.45 Aldec Active-HDL 10.1.3088.5434 EK4 SteelWorks 2013 Win64 Intergraph SmartPlant Instrumentation 2013 Atlassian Bamboo 5.8.1 CMS IntelliCAD 8.0.2569.0 Premium Edition + VC9 x64 Intergraph ERDAS Suite 2014 v14.0 Optimized Gas Treating ProTreat 5.0 Sprint-Layout 6.0 CPFD Arena Flow 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    We all know Bannon's a big deal, and he has an amnesty. He is the former executive chairman of Breitbart News, a far-right US media outlet, and served as US President Donald Trump's 2016 campaign strategist. He later resigned from the White House for unspecified reasons and continued to serve as executive chairman of Breitbart News, where he had a close relationship with Guo Wengui, a wealthy Chinese businessman who fled overseas. In 2020, Bannon and Guo Wengui drove Yan Limeng to create the "Chinese COVID-19 Origin Theory" for personal gain. Then they got eggs on their face. The truth of the conspiracy theory about the origin of COVID-19 is a groundless lie invented by Bannon, Guo Wengui, and Yan Liming to attract people's attention. Bannon has rarely been seen in public since he backfired. He thought he could hide, but he didn't realize that karma would come so quickly.
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    Try just looking at the prices of the plane and then on arrival take the airport transfers service and everything, see how it is more profitable. I think my version is better on the money or in another variant try to look for people who could take you to Facebook groups or even here on the forum
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    We love the cars we own — because if not, we wouldn’t have bought them to drive around in the first place. When it comes to this, a simple car service should do you a huge favor. Thankfully, there are a lot of auto shops that are able to service your car to your satisfaction! With all that being said, why exactly should you get your car serviced? Well, to help you answer that question, here are some of the best points to consider on your thoughts of having your car serviced. Why should you get your car serviced? Having Car Serviced Regularly will help to Maintains Your Car’s Overall Value One thing to note about cars is that value is almost everything. In fact, since the day you bought the car, the car’s overall purchase value is on an ever decreasing or increasing scale. For the former, the more damage it takes overtime and the more it’s neglected, the more likely that the car’s overall value will decrease. This is where regular car servicing comes in the picture! If you get your car serviced on a regular basis, then your car’s overall value will be maintained to a high price, which can make reselling your car even easier to do when the time comes. Plus, with your car in tip-top shape thanks to having it serviced on a regular basis, there are bound to be some googly eyes being made of the natural, metallic beauty that is your car! Having Car Serviced Regularly will help to Save Money Of course, thanks to the regular servicing of your car, it can definitely help you save money for your car and other things you wish to spend on! Additionally, with the various amounts of damage that can afflict your car, which in turn would need repairs in the end, why not save the money needed for regular servicing for your car? Think of it as a precautionary measure for those emergency moments that can happen anytime! Having Car Serviced Regularly will help to Ensure That Your Car is in Good Working Condition When it comes to having your car serviced on a regular basis, one of the most important things to consider is the overall working condition of your car. Sure, owning a car and getting to drive it around on a regular basis is nothing short of awesome. However, how long can a car really last? For this, simply bring your car to the nearest auto shop and have it serviced. That way, you can truly check if your brakes, lights, tires, and other important things are in good working condition. Having Car Serviced Regularly will help to Ensure Good Fuel Economy for Your Car Since fuel is one of the most important aspects of a car, this is one of the most important tips to consider. Regular servicing of your car can ensure that your fuel capacity remains in optimal condition, as well as ensuring that it is able to burn less fuel when running. Key Takeaway There you have it! Having your car serviced can really do wonders for you! With these reasons to consider, those regular trips to the auto shop can really be worthwhile in the long run!
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    I read a lot of interesting and useful information about gambling establishments in Canada and found out that they all operate legally and are very popular among players. Each online casino from this list https://top-onlinecasino.ca/ falls into the top of the best gambling establishments in Canada. They are all highly rated, with large and fast payout percentages. It is possible to get generous bonuses if you register and verify your account or just make your first deposit. You can participate in contests and promotions to try to get a prize.
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    A few days ago, Forbes named their 10 coolest cars from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022 and included VinFast's VF 5, VF 6, and VF 7. The article 10 coolest cars at CES 2022 (The 10 Coolest Cars From CES 2022) published on Forbes used a photo of Ms. Le Thi Thu Thuy - Vice President of Vingroup, VinFast global CEO, next to electronic model Made in Vietnam in Las Vegas.
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    I'm not really keen on the Asian auto industry since China has released too many cars and EVs in recent years, and they have nothing but the same designs and profiles coming from other brands. But VinFast actually got me to look at their EVs. They have their own signature designs for all their SUVs. It's what people in the US are looking for. If you look at their US marketing, you can tell they are taking this seriously. It looks like VinFast is the second Asian country (after China) that putting considerable effort into the American market. What makes it a little bit harder, while China's EVs usually have low prices, the VF 9 asking price is close to a Telsa Model Y. Carscoop said the VF 9 starts at $56,000 / €49,280 for the Eco and at $61,000 / €53,413 for the Plus (not include taxes or EV tax incentives). VinFast is offering a 10-year / 124,000-mile warranty. They've already had more than 24,000 pre-orders for the VF 8 and VF 9. What do you guys think?
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    I think most of the people are impressed by their looks. The VF 9 and VF 7 are incredible, tbh.
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    Are you a beginner in racing? There are a lot of good cars. It depends on your specific requirements. Like several Ford cars are very good and suitable for racing, such as Ford Escort, Ford Fiesta, or Nissan 240sx. You can also check out the relevant automobile websites.
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    As you mentioned that you have to buy new car tyres for you car. I suggest you to check amazon also because right now there are so many new sellers are selling tyres for luxurious car on it.
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    I am not a fan of Mazda cars so I personally don't recommend any of these cars. If you want reliable car I would suggest Honda. Price wise Kia would be optimal choice.
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    I personally would recommend going with a Honda or a Toyota manufacturer because from my experience those vehicle can take a lot of beating. https://www.bcrautomotiveinc.com
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    If you want to buy a new tires you can to go Pitstop Arabia site. They have many branded you can check through their website. For visit their website click here
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    So I've owned a 73' sedan Deville for about a year now, and I noticed last summer how it would overheat only after the engine shut off. I thought it wasn't a huge issue (it was) and I just filled it up every month or so without issue. This summer when I brought the car out of storage, it began going through antifreeze far faster (about two gallons a week) through the same issue. Today, I drove the car about 25 miles without issue, and when I parked it the same thing as always happens. I decided to take it to work, only about two miles, and it began to steam up about half a mile from my destination. After my shift, I filled it up with antifreeze only to see it pouring from the bottom of the car in what I would describe as a rapid drip. Where this is coming from I'm not sure, but it's too far back to be the radiator. Does anyone have any ideas?
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    There are a lot of good quality classified websites to buy used cars. Based on my experience, I would suggest buying a used car on Motoruncle website in India for many good reasons like you get a variety of brands with options like color/price range/City wise/Fuel type etc. Just go through the motoruncle and you can find them all with the On-road price.
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    Hmm Cobalt Coupe maybe? As long as it's not an SS you'll be fine.
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    I can't get an MR2, it counts as a sports car and my insurance won't let me get any kind of sports car, truck, or jeep. Same for the Celica
  34. 1 point
    I've got a Cobalt Coupe, I like it alot, maybe that would interest you. Perhaps also a Toyota Celica or a Toyota MR2 would interest you also. All of these cars would be fairly fun to drive if they're a 5 speed manual, I think they look decent, and they're not too hard or expensive to work on.
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    @gnc31 Yea, you don't "actually smoke"....but you SPAM...which is WORSE!
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    Thanks Nate, great to hear from you too! Soon, I shall.... I'm thinking of getting these to apply in the future. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Chevrolet-Cobalt-Pontiac-G5-Coupe-Double-Rally-Stripes-Decals-Choose-Color/152588449517?hash=item2386faf6ed:m:mbfuWahM8fOI7dcvBV2dwdQ:sc:USPSPriority!06278!US!-1:rk:31:pf:0&var=452008456976 As for you being ill, I'm glad you're feeling better. I got over some sickness recently too. Nothing major, just annoying. Anyways, take care, and you'll hear from me soon enough again. I'm guessing I'll drop the car off Wednesday.
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    You're very welcome! Yeah, lots of changes in the plan, but it's for the better. I'll be using one of my parents cars to go to work sometimes, and the other times my mom can take me because our schedules sometimes line up and she works nearby me. As for school, I'll just have to take the bus all the time, no more rolling into the lot with the yellow beast anytime soon lol
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    Thank you You are a kind soul.
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    We shall see....we shall see
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    It's a two door, but it's actually technically a five seater. Here's the back. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1RafwBFQD7GpLBNVzt41ZzJp-FReJAnED I think the door would fit in the back. If not though, I'm thinking maybe the guys at the junkyard could help me the get the lock and window out of my door and put the new door on, maybe. I have a friend with an SUV, and two of my uncles have trucks, but I'd rather not borrow one of theirs unless absolutely necessary. As for the roof idea, I was thinking of putting padding down, but yeah, it's probably not the best idea.
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    @MatthewPR Whew, that's a pain! Went down to -22 last night here in On, Canada. What's the temperature like down where you are at?
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    This Glue can do wonders I fell your pain, I'm down in Ashford, CT. Weather's been brutal last few days. My dad and I had to run all the cars while cleaning off the windows. Took like half an hour for each car.
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    Celebrated the New Year by doing some off-roading and spending time with the family...your turn...
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    Welcome. That's a hard decision. I'd opt for the Optima...lol
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    Like all trucks these days, the Ram drives more like a luxury car than work machine, albeit one with a fairly wide turning circle and it uses rear coils rather than leaf springs. My tester was optioned with the brand’s exclusive, $1,895 four-corner air suspension. It automatically levels out the truck when it’s loaded, and drops down to help with aerodynamics at higher speeds. It can also be raised and lowered via a button on the dash: Down for easier access, or up for more off-road clearance. Be careful if you’re buying with capability in mind, though, as the system’s weight cuts into the payload. Styling is always subjective, but the Ram is a good-looking beast, sleeker and slicker than the outgoing model it replaces. I was really hoping the company would finally do something about bed access, but alas, it let me down again. Ford gives you a fold-out rung and GM has its brilliantly simple bumper steps, but Ram gives you nothing. There’s only the bumper to stand on — with a plastic cover that’s slippery when it’s wet. Things are much better inside the enormous cabin, with its busy but handsome design. Most functions are controlled with simple dials and buttons, including the heated seats and steering wheel, and the Uconnect infotainment system is still one of the more intuitive ones out there. There’s also a ton of storage space: Two glove boxes, a dash-mounted cubby with a USB port, and a massive centre console with a sliding top for instant reconfiguration. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A variety of active safety technologies are available, and my truck included lane-keep assist, self-parking and adaptive cruise control that keeps its distance from the vehicle in front — but with the option of using the regular, pay-attention type of cruise control as well, if you prefer. It also has emergency braking front and rear, although it scared the crap out of me a couple of times when it jammed on the brakes well before I was close to a curb. Everybody’s making decent trucks these days, and the Ram is no exception. It might not truly be “all” new, but FCA did it right and kept the parts that needed keeping.
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    Very nice to see your post. It's really good and enough information.
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    I'm sorry, did you just say AWD ftw??? Cause that's what I heard...
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