At The Scene:
  1. Stop, and if necessary seek medical attention for any injured parties.
  2. Report the accident to the police department, and provide them with the necessary information they require such as the number of people injured and the extent of injury.

  3. Protect your car from further damage such as moving it from the road.

  4. Take detailed notes of the accident scene.

  5. Record the names, license, make and model of each car involved and record the driver's license number and insurance identification number.

Filing Your Claim:

  1. Call your insurance company as soon as possible to report the claim regardless of fault.

  2. Ask your insurance agent how you should proceed, and what documents they require to support your claim.

  3. Supply the information your insurer requests and keep adequate and detailed records. Records should include names and phone numbers of everyone with whom you have spoken, in addition to copies of any bills related to the accident.

  4. Failure to report the accident to your insurer could result in a loss of coverage if the other driver decides to seek legal action weeks or months later.