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answer the following:

Is there a car besides the Lancer Evolution that can be so good but only cost $32,000 usd?

Is there a car that have as much modding potentials as the Lancer Evolution?

and is there a car that combines both straight road power, turning agility, the good look, light weight, low price and the modding ability as the Lancer Evolution?

and PLEASE go to this site:


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Originally posted by greatwhiteshark000

Corvette 97' : 30,000$$




Trans Am 98': 24,000$


- Add 8 grand for mods to equal Lancer


Camaro SS 98': 22,000$


- Add 10 grand for mods to equal Lancer


These are my specimens :-) Which are available in America


I doubt you can let them run as fast as the Lancer. Handling should be improved heavily, and I wonder if you can get these cars as fast as the EVO

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lol.. lotus, for 8 grand, you can make a f body kill an evo ( on road ) in every possible way..


but, ill actually kinda agree with lan evo here.. ive driven an evo 6, and its hella fun.. i love that car,.. i think its *one* of the best production cars on the road, but far from the best.

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Originally posted by greatwhiteshark000

I am to lazy so stat me up Lotus. I dont know the stats of Lancer or EVo, what are they 0-60 in 4.8 i think?


I am not saying they are bad cars, they just aren't available over here in the West.


0-60 in 4.3-4.6 sec

Top speed limited to 112mph, could hit 135 ungoverned (remember that it's geared for acceleration and that the body add-ons actually add significant amounts of downforce)

Braking from 60-0 in 108 feet

Skidpad rating anywhere from 0.92g-1.02g


With the current exchange rates, a new Lancer EVO VI GSR can be picked up for the equivalent of $24k USD in New Zealand. In Japan it runs anywhere from $28k-$32k.


Given the choice between an EVO VI, a Vette, or an F-body running with a series of band-aids, I'd pick the EVO VI. If it gives you any idea, even Shaman said that he'd have a Lancer if they were imported (and that's a possibility now that the base WRX is coming here).

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The UK has the baddest versions of the EVO though. The RS Sprint, the Extreme, just to name a few. Remeber that over in the UK, there's NO 280ps restriction like there is in Japan :) The RS Sprint has 330bhp and does 60 in 4.2s (not lying here! Directly off a Mitsubishi ad on a UK magazine).


Oh, the Extreme has even more horsepower and even faster :D

Max power: 340 bhp at 6500 rpm

Max torque: 303 lb ft at 3000 rpm

Max speed: 155 mph

0-60 mph: 4.0 seconds (estimated)

0-100 mph: 10 seconds (estimated)


See the Extreme's review @ http://www.4car.co.uk/jsp/main.jsp?lnk=230&pageid=112


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