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So I have a 2015 hundai azera limited, and it’s Ight. My question is will it surrvive boost. I know that the lampada II engine platform carries both the 3.3 that is in my car, and the 3.3tt in the genesis and stinger. I’m 16 currently and want more power. To be honnest my parents bought me the car from my grandpa who is dying, and it’s fully loaded which is nice as hell. I love the car, I love the features, sound system and everything in it, but it could use a little extra power. The transmission on it and traction control is very nice, but tbh I’m thinking about disconnecting it because I prefer straight power over a delayed response. Also I want to make my steering a little bit heavier. It’s just so loose feeling, and I want it to be a little sportier. I know it’s a luxary car, and damn right it is. But there isn’t mods widely available for it which kinda sucks. My main question is, is the twin turbo engine a little more built up, or do they use the same block, and can have parts swapped interchangeably. Like this car is amazing at being reliable, but it could use some stiffer suspension, which I know they have, I was thinking about saving up and getting air ride suspension, and new springs. Which I know will make it feel a little faster, but I just don’t know about the car at all. It’s really nice, but it doesn’t seem like a car that can be abused. Bc after abusing it abit the check engine light came on and now the exhaust smells funny. I think I fucked a o2 sensor but idk rn. Any suggestions on what I should do? I want a car that’s AWD so it can have a little bit of oversteer in the winter, cuz I fucking hate understeer. I know I’m probably just a stupid kid, and yes my car handles great, but at the same time, what cars are As loaded as this car and have awd. Tbh I’m thinking about just leaving this car alone and getting a c5 corvette. Can anyone tell me if this car is okay with being beat on a little bit, or if it can barly handle it self alone. And has anyone put stiffer suspension on a 2012-2016 azera. If you did, how did it feel?. 

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