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Unhappy: Honda Brio 2021 has a speed limiter installed to avoid speeding on tolls


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Honda Brio (Price: harga Honda Brio)

The Honda Brio of RS or Satya type is the most interesting city car. Because this car has the largest power output among its competitors. But this is unfortunate, because Honda has installed a speed limiter for the Honda Brio 2021.

This makes it difficult to compete on toll roads under standard conditions. The reason is that the top speed of the Honda Brio 2021 is only 145 km/h. At the same time, cars in other cities can still reach 150-160 km/h.

For some owners, this restriction is a bit annoying. This is because it is still believed that the Brio engine can be driven at a speed of 150-160 km/h. Especially for long-distance trips across the Trans Java toll road, considering Brio's agility and precise handling, such speeds are considered "slow."

I think this speed limit makes people lose the fun of driving Honda Brio, so I don't want to see such results.

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