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2016 Mitsubishi Outlander Excessive Fuel Usage?

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I recently purchased a 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander Exceed (Diesel 2.2L). 

From what I've researched the fuel consumption should be around 6.2L/100km for combined cycle, 5.4L/100km for extra urban.

So far on my first tank, which was about 500kms of country driving on fairly even ground at 100kph, I got 6.8L/100km. A far cry from the alleged 5.4 or even the combined 6.2. 

Is this a case of manufacturers claiming insane numbers or maybe something causing the increased fuel consumption?

When I first purchased the car I had some minor transmission problems so am hoping there isn't more. I'm based in Australia and am pretty easy on the throttle so just wanted to ask here before I went and got it looked at. 


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I hread that it is due to the engine that makes Mitsubishi Outlander consume so many fuel. The car maker latter on improved the engine and installed it into the  mitsubishi mirage. So the  current-gen mitsubishi mirage seems not to have this problem. Whatsoever, I personally think Mitsubishi need some improvement in engine compared with its rivals.  🤔

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