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Co-Innovating the Future of Automotive in a Post-Pandemic Era 


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The future of work has been shifting rapidly, with many changes being accelerated by COVID-19 in organizations of all shapes and sizes. Through this interactive half-day virtual workshop Prepr will be exploring innovative solutions to current remote work & learn challenges in the Automotive sector. 

A key topic of discussion will be the role of Work-Integrated and Experiential Learning as part of the driving force behind upskilling and reskilling the Automotive industry.

In partnership with, Linux Foundation, Amazon Web Services, and Magnet Network-Ryerson University

Co-Innovating the Future of Automotive in a Post-Pandemic Era 
December 2nd, 
1 pm EST / 10 am PST

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Implementing a COVID testing program can also help businesses maintain productivity by reducing the risk of workplace outbreaks and subsequent quarantines. Additionally, offering testing to customers can help to build trust and reassure them that the business is taking their health and safety seriously.

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