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What Causes a Car Battery to Die Quickly?


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Common Reasons for a Car Battery Drainage

The following seven reasons will help you understand why your car battery has drained quickly:

Electrical Problems
A faulty charging system could be a reason for your car battery drainage. 

Keeping the Lights On
Having the headlights switched on for long has known to be a common reason for the car battery’s power drainage.

Parasitic Drain
It is the continuous power drainage, caused due to parasites that use the power from the host, i.e. the engine, even when it’s off, resulting in a dead car battery.

Failing Alternator
 A dead car battery could be the result of the alternator’s faulty diode which is unable to convert the AC to DC.

Poor State of Battery
If the reason behind your battery drainage is not a human error, then there are high chances that your battery is the problem.

Driving Short Distances
If you keep driving short distances very often, then you might be risking a dead car battery soon. This is because while your battery powers your vehicle ignition, with short trips over and over again, it will not have the time to recharge itself using the alternators. Thus, resulting in its gradual car battery power drain.

Exposure to Extreme Temperatures
Extreme temperatures have known to cause battery drainage.

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