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Best used large SUV?


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I'm looking to buy a larger sized SUV (6+ pass). Based on what I'm reading online it seems that the Toyota Highlander is considered the most reliable and longer lasting SUV.

I won't be putting on many miles on the vehicle. My most recent car was a Chevy Cruze, and over the course of 2 years I put on a total of 13K miles with 60-70% of it was long distance miles. I'm not really good at this and my head is spinning from all the options.

Should I buy a fairly-new used car with low miles and sell it 5 years or rather an older car with higher miles since I won't use it that much anyway? My goal is lowest cost of ownership for the newest possible vehicle.

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I recommend you MG ZS SUV( MG ราคา). It is equipped with a 15S4C DOHC 4-cylinder 16-valve VTi-TECH engine with a displacement of 1,498cc and a maximum output of 114 Ps at 6,000 rpm. CVT shifts are as smooth as ever. Moreover, the replacement process can be carried out smoothly without using a shift lever. Moreover, the price of MG ZS is also moderate, which is very popular in the market.

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