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Toyota camry 2019 cruise control problem


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Hi, i drive a toyota camry it is my company's car and they disabled the cruise control on it i don't know why but they did it on all cars there's like 10 cars and all of them are new but cruise control feature is not working, so can anybody tell me how do i make it work i think they removed fuse or something like that.

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To use Cruise Control, turn it on first by pressing the button on the end of the control stalk behind the lower right side of the steering wheel. The green cruise control icon will appear in the instrument display to show the system is ready.

Then accelerate to the speed you want, and press the stalk down to set it. The SET indicator will appear underneath the CRUISE CONTROL icon to let you know you can take your foot off the accelerator.

If you need to increase your speed, lift and hold the stalk up until you reach the speed you want, and then release it.

To reduce the set speed, push the stalk down and hold it to slow down to your target speed, and then release it.

To temporarily suspend cruise control, pull the stalk towards you, or tap the brakes.

To resume the set speed, push the lever up briefly.

Hope it helpful for you Toyota Camry 2019

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