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Parking assist module cannot communicate?

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Park Assist is an automated parking aid that helps drivers park with greater precision, using guidance system technology that rivals ultrasonic and other camera-based solutions with superior, advanced technology. Park Assist also helps minimize the chance for potential scratches and dings that happen when steering into very tight spaces. Although many experienced drivers have no qualms about tricky parking.

When we say parking assist module has issue, the behaviour is front and rear bumpers alarm system doesnt work, press the button for parking assist but no reaction.


The car in this case is Land Rover 2010, and when use Topdon Artimini to access parking assist module(PAM), but failed to do that showing communication failure. And now scan the whole systems, the list showing that PAM is not equipped.


Now its time to scan for fault codes, and we have U0159, lost communication with PAM--Permanent.

Theres HELP option below show all the possible reasons:

1. Check PAM power supply including ground wire refer to circuit diagram.

2. Test the performance of CAN

3. Test the CAN performance between PAM and cluster instrument


So I checked above one by one, and found that all power supply, fuse and replay are normal, then I found that PAM plug was wet, so checked the PCB of PAM and it’s all rusty. 

After cleaning the plug and replacing PCB, the PAM worked well. Drive that car for a while to test, and all is well.

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